Alaska Christmas Cards by Special Delivery on a Motorcycle

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    Did you all see my little write up in the 'Let's see some snow rides' thread about delivering my Christmas cards to mc friends by me riding my mc around in the snow? Pics and story are near the bottom of this page : This is kinda a continuation of that.


    I went to a few more mc shops around town the other day droppin off cards. Of course I felt it only appropriate to do it by mc.

    It's amazing how ALL the employees think I'm nuts. I've mentioned my standard response is now "well, you're not gonna get an argument from me." :evil Yeah I too think it's a bit "hairball" to be out in cager traffic. Drivers up here have a pretty notorious reputation as it is and in the winter cagers get A LOT goofier!

    Anyway it's been REALLY slick around town with temps down below 0F (-18C) at night and only getting up around 15F (9C) in the day. There's been some ice fog too that has contribute to the shiney slick sheen. I tell ya, EVERY time I go out it's a big adventure just seeing what traction's gonna be like. Especially cornering! So far tho the rear has been a lot looser than the front, thank heavens.

    So anyway, first stop was our Harley shop. THE friendliest bike shop in town! They dyno'd my Duc for free one BD. They've invited me to HOG parties and given me discounts on helmets and such. I'm pretty good buds with a few of the employees. Hard to believe it wasn't that many yrs ago the owner was very anti anything but Harley. Now they probably have more Beemer trade-ins than the Beemer shop! A few of them are into trikes in the winter but everyone keeps having to go out and look at what the heck kind of set up I'm risking my life on!

    Then I went over to our Beemer shop. It's called The Motorcycle Shop and it's where I got my KLR. I know the original owner and have been going here longer than any employee has been around. I'm buds with their master mechanic Mike. He's Ducatisti as well but mainly 2 valve air cooled. He resurrected my ol S4R that got totaled a yr and half ago. Sure do miss that Monster. This is the shop that Ewan McGregor called "the best mc shop he's ever been to in the whole world" in 'Long Way Round!' Of course us locals think that's a pretty incredulous statement! Oh well gotta make do with what ya got. They ARE the only show in town for many brands. They did actually do me really good with the KLR thank you very much!

    So here's photo #1 I think they're pretty proud to have me out there on the KLR.


    Then it was off to Alaska Cycle Center's south location aka Honda South. Even tho I got my ol 748 at The MC Shop it was because of a guy named Richard at Honda South that I ended up getting my 996. Both the Honda shop and the Beemer shop sell Ducati's even tho both are usually w/o a 4 valve certified Duc mechanic!! Richard has owned a few nice Ducs but is now married w/ a couple kids so priorities ya know. Richard is one of the folks who keeps my cards up year round in his office. The Honda shop employees have been really good to me since I got my Duc. Besides givin me KILLER deals on gear a good example is one yr when I went in to buy my Duc brother Corbin a Ducati polo shirt for Christmas, I went to pay for it they told me just to go grab another one for myself! Too cool! They've also called me to come check out Duc parts they've had and wanted to get rid of! I think THEY'RE kinda glad to have me out there in the public's eye puttin a bunch of miles on a Ducati Superbike. I'm pretty sure mine's been ridden more than any other up here.

    So anyway I pull into Honda South's parking lot and there are all the employees standing at the front window lookin out! Seems some customer of their's had called to let them know that "some 2 wheeled motorcyclist was headin their direction and should be passing their building in a few minutes!" I don't think anyone there had seen my KLR but they all started cracking up when I was dismounting as I think they figured out it was me. Too funny!

    Deliveries completed I headed home as I still had to go to work and all this socializing was really eatin up the time! As I'm turnin into my neighborhood there's a neighbor sittin at the light on his Harley w/sidecar! He didn't know I have a KLR either. As I was cornering on such an icy surface all I could do was a quick little nod. As I was descending down a little hill into the hood I decided I really wanted to turn around a catch him to do a quick photo shoot of the 2 of us out in the snow! I could barely get up the hill from a dead stop it was so slick! I caught up with him and we went to the end of the street where there's a little park and took this shot. He had all three wheels studded up. I reminded him that I still really want to go for a ride in the hack someday. I think I may own one someday too.

    Another great day in the "Last Frontier." See ya, Mark H.

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    Y AK FF's are a hardy bunch!! Great to see you're still out there on 2 wheels!! :thumb
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    Nice looking KLR. You're like Santa KLRaus.

    Do you travel with your own personal photog?? Where can I get one of those?? :D
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    Nice report Mark :thumb be careful out there :eek1
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    Hmmmm, looks more like an outfit to me. Cold got to you did it?:D

    Nice report, you're mad!:clap