Alaska for dummies

Discussion in 'Americas' started by damasovi, Sep 17, 2007.

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    Wildwilly is right. DO NOT ride with someone who does not share your same enthusium. Am planning the trip to PB from here in SE Alabama summer of 09 Will be lucky enough to be ridin' with 3 loooong time friends who all share the same riding thoughts. As on all rides carry those things that you know you'll need and keep checkin' the posts here for all those invalueable tips on the little things that a lot of us forget about.
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    If you get right down to it, shipping to AK shouldn't be a deal breaker either. It depends alot on the value of your time and the actual costs of riding through Canada which I'm not sure of. I don't know the price of fuel or how often you plan to camp.

    Another option might be to find somebody trucking/trailering thier bike out that way and willing to split fuel and expenses. I have a deal racing deal where I maintain and transport the cars to track and my partner pays all the expenses and just flies in. I though I had the better end of the deal till I figured out what it would cost him to have a regular mechanic fix his car. His time is also pretty valuble so saving a couple days transport time could mean thousands of dollars.

    I have not yet decied if I will trailer part of the way when I do my AK trip. Riding might be cheaper, but not by much once you factor in tires and less miles per day, not to mention wear and tear on the bike. I also figure that just from Seattle its still going to be a long ride!
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    Delta, I too plan to ride to Alaska in '09. Maybe we'll pass each other, meet up for a beer, ride some together, who knows.... I'm thinking I'll go to Inuvik, instead of PB. Seems like it'l be a better cultural experience than the haul road. :scratch I'll be leaving from Virginia, and hope to allow 5 or 6 weeks total. :clap
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    I want to do Alaska this spring/summer riding from PA on my DL650. I am considering going via Canado mainly because I have never been that way and I have made the trip several times over the years but usually go across the midwest and it is the most boring ride in the world. I understand gas is more expensive in Canada but motels are cheaper, will it balance out? Any suggestions?
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    Dec 16, 2007
    :kumbaya I've been planning a run to AK from middle Georgia and now I lost my riding mate. Is anyone from the southeast heading up through Edmonton in late May or August. I'll be taking my R11S and camping.