Alaska....June or July???

Discussion in 'Alaska' started by RoyB, Jan 3, 2006.

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    Jun 15, 2003
    Or you could excercise well known campsite maintenence protocols and not have to worry about the bears to begin with! :evil

    Bear troubles are usually caused by sloppy housekeeping in the woods. TBH, most riders will be lucky to even see a bear, much less have one bother them. Be more concerned with certain 2 legged predators, as there is no shortage of them, especially if you invade their natural habitiat.

    I've lived in Alaska for over 30 years and have hunted and explored pretty extensively. In that time I've seen maybe a dozen bears. The only campground that I remember ever having a bear problem is Byers Lake Campground in the Talkeetna-ish area and I'm sure that the authorities have figured out how to fix that by now.

    Watch out for the birds. They don't call them 'camprobbers' for nothing!
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    Jan 25, 2006
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    Hi Roy,

    I rode my V-Strom up the Cassiar last June, arriving on the Kenai for the Solstice (and to meet my honey at the Airport ;-).... I highly recommend going early, there are less people, less bugs, and more open spaces to camp without a hassle. I camped rough (i.e. riding out onto logging roads, or wherever - sometimes real long single lane driveways) most nights, and followed safe bear campsite rules without incident.

    There's lots of great stuff to see, and I also highly recommend the Cassiar for the true Adventure experience. It beats the AK Hwy with a big honey coated stick. The old timers I talked to (mostly in bars) said the AK Hwy is nothing but a tourist corridor these days, and spoke of the "glory days" when you would see vehicles stuck in the mud, run off the road, and not nearly so many of 'em. If you like passing RV's all day on a slab, then it is okay, but it really is a bit too civilized - especially if you've got a nice ferry ride south to look forward to on the way home.

    Besides, if you go early, you could catch the Dust to Dawson rally and see the sun spin around the mountain top all night. Definitely a cool way to go.

    Don't miss the road to Valdez, either. It is best to take it right at dawn. Awesome riding and scenery there!