Alaska to Argentina - which Bike?

Discussion in 'Americas' started by peteFoulkes, May 30, 2011.

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    I ride the SE b/c I don't want to be doing what that guy is doing. That's heavy throttle terrain right there. :freaky
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    I sold 9 bikes before heading off on the trip including a KLR and an 1150 GSA. If the bike you are selling doesn't look all polished and pretty, get something that will really go offroad. :roflThat was the best part of the trip. There are plenty of choices now and a lot of it depends on how much you have to modify it after buying it. Hmm, what would I take next year? A real 690 maybe? Sorry, I still bleed orange.:evil

    You can look at saving money on a bike but how many times are you going to do this trip in your life so go on what you want to ride. :norton Yes it depends on what terrain and how you ride but also who you want to ride with. Some of my greatest rides were with people on 450 or smaller dirt bikes. I canĀ“t imagine taking anything but what I had. Great with bags and awesome when you could leave them behind. :clap

    I was talking with this old guy at the hostel at the Train in the Clouds and about to take off into the high desert. He said be really careful because of the sand! They were always having to go pick up all the BMW (1150 and 1200) riders. :lol3:lol3:lol3

    Okay awesome that Terminator Salvation just happens to be on with the robot motorcycles.:eek1
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    Building a DR650 for future SA trip.
    No EFI, no radiator and chain drive, built well and simple, just like the bikes of my youth.
    Bought a used stock 08 With 600 miles for $3500.
    Needs custom seat and suspension uprades plus there are tons of other goodies that can be added so I will probably have that much in modifications when done but still only $6-7K total, 1/3 the price of a BMWGS.
    I love my GSA for domestic/Alaska rides but just too much technical stuff to give you greif in the middle of nowhere.
    I feel a GS also 'stands" out to much and draws attention to you which is not always a good thing and is hard to get into a hotel lobby or your room for security.
    DR is way eaiser to pick up after you drop it in all conditions.
    GS more comfortable to ride and can eat up the miles but I've adjusted my attitude to "slow down and smell the roses". Fast riding in SA from what I read is not going to happen often anyway.
    As mentioned most bikes in CA and SA are small displacment cheap bikes.
    Best advice I've read on South Bound travel was "do not take a bike that you are not willing to walk away from".
    Somebody wants my DR they can have it, but I'd probably die trying to talk them out of taking my GS.
    Every kind/size of Motorcycle can/has made this trip.
    Just like every discussion on which bike do I buy/use, it's Personal Preference".
    Each rider must do their homework and go prepared.
    It's really terrific that there are so many Inmates here that will help when you need it.
    Have a great trip.
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    Worked for Malcolm.


    Seen here on the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He rode his from Chili to Argentina to Prudhoe and then across Canada. Unfortunately, he died in an accident in New England.

    It's not the bike.
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    Cheers guys... Decision made. 2x DRZ 400's it is!