Alaska trip failures

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    Sep 29, 2003
    Over the rear wheel

    In countless trips up and down the Alcan and Cassiar, along with circling the U.S. a few times, I have needed little more than a screwdriver and crescent wrench, and that only a couple of times. (Not counting the duct tape and zip ties, mind you.) You probably do not plan on carrying a spare final drive and the tools to swap it out, and a thorough job of preparing the bike for a long trip will take care of most of the things you could repair along the side of the road, or in a motel parking lot.

    On another forum several years ago, I used to tell people who were looking for advice on driving to Alaska "It ain't yer grandpa's Alcan any more". And having driven it before I was a father, and now being a great-grandpa, I speak from experience. :lol3 Heck, a couple of my high school buddies rode up and back in '63 on their HD's without any real problems. The biggest risk factor today is the high speeds everyone thinks they should ride because of the miles and miles of beautiful paved highway with hardly any traffic. :eek1
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    Now you've said it...:thumb :thumb :thumb

    After 35 years of riding everywhere in North America, I can't agree more...!:ricky

    I have seen way to many riders "overprepared" for their trips from the amount of gear they were carrying.....but did not seem to have a clue as to even the basic necessities such as the means and ability to start a campfire.:uhoh

    I'll always remember the loud cursing in German, heavy smoke and broken "Axen" that woke me up very early one morning in Alaska.:D :D :D
    But because he had just smoked up my tent and was arguing with his girlfriend over that "Axen", I did not bother offering him my good $20.00 axe....!:nono

    Tools Yes, but for me, mostly to fix up others on the side of the road, and most of that overpriced gear has a tendency to aggravate you when it breaks down. I like basic stuff, cheap, rugged and easy enough to replace anywhere, even in Alaska.:thumb