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All ads require a location, this includes Wanted to Buy ads

Discussion in 'Bike Parts and Accessories' started by barnyard, Feb 5, 2021.

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  1. barnyard

    barnyard Verbal tactician Super Moderator

    Sep 23, 2007
    central Mn
    Please note: All ads now require a precise location in the text of the listing. Profile location, if populated, is not acceptable.

    Ads not conforming to the above risk being removed.

    - Why is this required.
    Some buyers are interested only in items available locally. Profile location is not visible on all mobile devices. Some inmates choose not to list a valid location in their profile.

    - Is this required for all Flea Market sub-forums or just in "bikes"?
    It is required for all Flea Market sub-forums. Bikes, Parts, Gear and Other.

    - Is this required even when I will be shipping the item?
    Yes. It is required for all items.

    - Is this required if I am posting a wanted ad?
    Yes. It is required for all listings.

    - What is an acceptable location?
    City/state, zipcode/state, postcode/province etc.

    - Is "California" an acceptable location?

    - Are "NW Georgia" or "Eastern Tennessee" acceptable locations?

    - Is "an hour north of Minneapolis" an acceptable location?
    Yes and "An hour north of Minneapolis, Minnesota" is even better.

    - Is "Omaha" an acceptable location?
    Yes but we don't charge you by the word so please specify both city and state. "Omaha, Nebraska"

    - Can I specify my location in the thread title?
    Yes but it is easier for inmates and for the moderators if you specify price and location in the text of the listing. See below.

    - I'm shipping and don't want people coming to my house. Do I still have to specify a precise location?
    Yes you must but you may add "no local pickup".

    - I don't want to list my precise location as I have "privacy concerns".
    We are sorry but you may not use these free classifieds.



    Consider starting every ad with the following THREE lines:

    One line summary: type of item, [miles if appropriate], condition
    Location: City and State

    Then continue with your full description and photos.

    Right now we see lots of ads where the location and price are buried randomly within long descriptions. This makes your ad hard to read.

    Moderators for the main Flea Market on the site are @Bultaco206 and @Ginger Beard . Feel free to contact them if you have questions. For other issues that you believe may require moderator action, please use the "Report" function that is located at the bottom of each post and moderators will be notified.
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