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    Jul 15, 2002
    So, we were up on Saturday morning and took our dog for a walk and afterwards, my wife asked me what I was going to do the rest of the day. I had no specific plans but there was a morning session on desert survival over at a local park that I was interested in.

    She had homework to do (taking an accounting class) so her morning was planned. I grabbed the local paper and saw that the park was 40 miles away on the west side of PHX so I started to consider my options.

    OK... 42 miles by interstate or 15 miles away if I cut around South Mountain via the Indian Reservation... a big no-no going on their land off-road.

    I decided to take the legal route across the Indian Reservation and cut across the desert to the Park. I didn't have a specific route in mind but kind of knew which way to go.

    Of course, the road didn't exist as shown on my map so when I got to the Mobile area of AZ, I turned north towards an airfield literally in the middle of nowhere. I was in this same area several years ago and was curious about the airfield. Turns out that it's a training facility for Lufthansa but it took aerial photographs to determine that.

    I ended up curling around the Estralla Mountains to the west side of PHX and came out about 2 miles from the park at the end. My odometer indicated 60 miles including about 15 on dirt roads. These were the kind that lets you really open it up and I considered (briefly) seeing what 100 felt like on a dirt road.

    Luckily, common sense along with realizing that a crash might not be found for a few hours kept me in line so I didn't exceed 70. Hitting some of the washes at higher speeds is really a blast and even the occasional sand at higher speeds didn't phase me for a change.

    The desert survival discussion was pretty good. Most of the stuff I had heard before but reminders in the safety of a classroom are always a good thing. They mentioned people getting into trouble by doing stupid stuff too. Going 100 on a dirt road wasn't mentioned but I'm sure it's in that classification.