Alternative to morning coffee? EDIT: Water. It will be plain water.

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    when I am mountaineering I do the same. Top ramen for breakfast is the BEST!! HOT SOUP!!!!
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    well back in the day they used to have an instant drink called Postum, I found it a few years ago in a grocery store but had not seen it since the early 70's till then. Its made from a grain, can't remember what right at the moment, but no caffeine that Im aware of. You may try that as a substitute for a good cup of coffee
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    I will toss in what I found out. I was a heavy coffee consumer, like 5-8 cups a day.
    I worked in the coffee industry.
    I would at times drink two energy drinks, one right after the other. My old job used to have me getting up at 4:30am after getting to bed at about 11:00pm.

    I thought there was nothing wrong with drinking coffee or otherwise consuming caffeine.

    I also got a lot of headaches and I could be in insufferable ass at times. Quick to fly off the trigger.
    Elevated resting heart rate. A near constant mild level of anger.

    Three years ago, maybe four. I got the Noro virus and couldn't keep anything down for three days.
    It kick started my detox from caffeine.

    What I've found from me, for this single data point.

    Much fewer headaches
    Lower resting heart rate
    Less stress
    Slower to get angry and less angry when I do get there.
    And a more mellow and relaxed personality.
    My family even can tell if I have had some caffeine. (I will some times drink a cup here and there or tea or a soft drink every one in a while)

    I was shocked but the outcome of getting off coffee. While I miss the ritual off making coffee. I used to have a very nice home espresso set up.
    I don't miss the side effects. And I really enjoy not having to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

    My wife gave up caffeine about ten years ago and she went from moderately frequent headaches and migraines to now only a couple of them a year.

    I am glad I stopped consuming caffeine and I don't miss it.
    And stopping drinking it while I was sick was the best time to do it. It's not very enjoyable to kick that habit

    But I still have to drink something warm in the morning. I use a drink called Inka, it is made in Romania. And it's instant. And a decent substitute for coffee. I mentioned it earlier in this thread.
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    Fruit tea with either fresh or ground ginger makes a good substitute for coffee. As a non drinker of regular tea & not wanting to drink too much proper coffee I find it a good substitute. Can’t abide instant coffee in any form, foul stuff.
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    The Arizona Diet peach iced tea in cans is extremely good. One can taste the fuzz on the peaches. Turns ot it is available in instant (sticks). About 95% of the canned flavor. Has some caffeine, not a lot. haven't tried it hot but I'd say it's a possible.
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    There are some good mushroom teas that come with or without caffeine. I enjoy the earthy taste. YMMV. Believe what you wish about the health claims.
    Try Four Sigmatic or Fungi Perfecti.