Alternative to Touratech Zega Pro Lid Bag

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    Sep 26, 2009
    Let me start by saying that I extremely mechanically challenged!!

    I love Touratech but for some things they are just insanely expensive! :slaphead: I have the Zega Pros pannier system on my F650GS. I have been interested in putting together a tool case of essentials for my long distance travel and I wanted a "lid bag" I found this one on Touratech:


    Theoretically two would be ideal but $202.80 for two little cases :eek: !!

    So I racked my brain trying to figure out a way to come up with a better (AKA less expensive) way. :wootrock:

    Under my lids are a screw in each corner to hold the little plastic corner pieces held together by a lock washer.


    I went to Home Depot to find some kind of washer with a loop attached.

    Here is what I found, picture hangers!!


    I then thought about small bungee cords or bicycle cargo nets! I found this cargo net for CHEAP from REI online:


    But being an 80's child and not wanting to wait, I went to Eastern Mountain Sports and while I did not find a net I found this bag on clearance for 20 bucks:


    Check out the back! I figured I could bungee through the hoops to my picture hangers in the corners!


    Back to Home Depot I went to find small bungee cords.


    Unscrewed the washer:


    Added my trusty picture hanger:


    and re-screwed:


    Here is what they look like all put together:



    Slid the bungees through the back loops and here is the finished tool bag! Works like a dream! I added the hooks to the other pannier even though I did not buy a second bag. I figured I could get the net for the other side for my rain suit.


    So just a price break down:

    Picture hangers: $7.17 ($2.39 each - had to buy 3 boxes for the 8 that I needed because they come in sets of 3)

    Bungees: $2.47 for a package of 8.

    Bag: $20 on clearance. ( the bag was a little steep even on clearance but still cheaper than Touratech :):

    For a grand total of 29.64 :thumbup: If you add the net it will be $35.57 :thumbsup:

    I am going to order the cargo net for the other side to carry my rain suit.


    Not bad for someone completely mechanically hindered!! :lol: