Am I crazy?

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    Yeah, I'm puzzling over the sunshade design. The fact that the bracket releases horizontally makes it a little harder to have a simple solution for quick and frequent removal of the tablet. If anyone comes up with straightforward DIY on this, please share.

    I haven't received the bracket yet, but I think I've got the software and wiring figgered out. Otterbox not going to work on the new Nexus 7, so going with just and 4 mil ziplocks when needed. Leaving on 4K+ mile trip in early Sept, much of it off road, so this should result in a good stress test.

    Have been dreaming for years of kicking Garmin out of the equation...can't wait to give it a go.
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    I had a lot of time to think about a sunshade design while riding this last trip. I think a simple 2 part design made of kydex will work. Basically a left and right half that overlap. Put a slot in one and a rivet in the other to hold them together but allow it to slide.

    I am not completely happy with the ball mount. The bracket itself is great but the ball mounted to the crossbar makes it stick out more than needed. I am probably going to find an alternative to the ball mont but keep the tab-lock as it works great.
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    Google Nexus works fine for me! I am using it as both a in-car turn by turn navigator (Sygic with Australia and Western Europe maps) and an off-road 'moving map' navigator on my motorbike here in Australia (running Ozi Explorer and a bunch of georef'd topo maps). I also changed from an overpriced, slow, buggy, low resolution, purpose built GPS to this for half the price.

    Forget the mounted case, just stash it in your tank bag.

    Charges using a 2.1amp 12v cig lighter to 5v USB adapter which works fine - keeps pace with electrical demand; charges slowly when in use and fast when not in use (make sure you get the new 'iPad" USB charges which are rate for 2.1 amps, the standard USB chargers output 0.5amps which can't keep up).


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    This is pretty much my setup as well. The idea of attaching something fragile like electronics to my handlebars, that sits up high, just doesn't seem the way to go to me.:D
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    Any issues with overheating? I attempted this with my iPad in my tankbag map pocket and on a relatively cool day (75-80 degrees) the iPad overheated and shut itself down.

    Any similar issues w. android tabs?
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    So...I think I am going to return it and make a setup based around a Google Nexus 7 tablet. This would include:

    • Google Nexus 7
    • Otterbox Defender Case
    • Gaia GPS which allows for the downloading ot USGS topo maps, import/export of GPX files, tracks, etc.

    Hi, you may have the answer I've been looking for as this is exactly what I want to do. (

    Could you please expand a little more on how you connected this up? Is the Gaia processing the moving map which is then displayed on the tablet? Is it just a handheld GPS, and if so, how do the two communicate? Would I be able to use the built in GPS on a tablet, or better yet my puck style, USB connected device? I assume your set up is limited to certain types of maps or Topo's, depending on what software your running, but are you aware of any that will work in Mexico? Thanks for the help........Arctic Traveller
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    I'm interested in hearing long-term updates. I've been attempting to run my phone (Virgin Mobile Galaxy SII) as a GPS instead of shelling out for a Garmin and I've been having terrible luck. Charging is the main problem. Shorting the data wires did not improve charge rate. I'm running a Burnsmoto USB port wired to an aux fuse panel. I think the vibrations from mounting to my handlebars (RAM finger grip type mount) have loosened the usb port on my phone. I'm skeptical about micro USB being viable for long term durability, but hope you guys can convince me otherwise. I'll probably be upgrading to a SIII within a few months, and hope it will work out better than my current phone. Definitely trying to avoid the $$$ of a garmin.
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    It's come up in various threads comparing GPS models that micro USB is NOT the way to go to power a device on a motorcycle. A few think it's OK but most will go with "NO, you're asking for trouble."
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    i think the main thing is to keep the plug from moving
    I use a generic chinese 4.3 inch GPS that has a miniusb plug
    witch less strong than the microusb and have'nt had a problem yet

    I use a cheap waterproof box like this one:

    It's a a snug fit with a 90ยบ angle plug, once closed it dosen't allow for movement in the plug-socket connection.

    Does the phone charge with the bike stopped?
    if you jiggle the connection does it stop charging ?
    does the phone charge on the move when turn'd off ?

    I had a non-charging problem, and it turn out to be the charger
    another cheap chinese product - yeah i'm cheap-
    inside a capacitor and a filter coil got loose:
    so i pull it apart on the side of the road:


    fixed it with duct tape:


    Uploaded with

    worked fine like that till the end of the ride, and later i just re-solded
    everything up and coverd it all with a glue gun

    still working fine
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    I'm using a kyocera torque and it's operating temp is 140! It's also waterproof as well. Bought it off ebay for $65 used on the AZBDR in 106 degree weather with no problems. Got home and took the Garmin POS back to REI. :clap
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    Garmin should be worried, and rightfully so. The outdated, underdeveloped, proprietary mapped, low resolution, buggy, dedicated GPS units they've been peddling for years are about to go extinct. Want to update your maps? Pay us $200. Want to create or edit a route/track? You need to use our equally crappy Basecamp software. Eff that. Bye Felica.....

    Anyway, I'm glad to see this is working out for you. I've been using and iPad Mini Retina running the Gaia GPS App, but also have the ViewRanger App and it's Accuterra maps. Both are very good options and lightyears ahead of any Garmin.

    I went with the iPad Mini over the Nexus for reasons mentioned here. Nobody really makes a waterproof, shockproof, ram mounted case for the Nexus. But there are several choices for the iPad Mini. I'm running the Lifeproof Nuud case and Cradle....awesome setup!

    For charging, I use a USB to Cigarette lighter adapter (high speed) and haven't had any issues with the iPad not charging, even in GPS mode and full brightness all day.

    Sun Glare seems to be the most obvious problem with tablets. Putting it inside a tank bag or case that has another plastic film covering the screen makes it worse. That's why I have the Lifeproof Nuud case....I can see the full screen all the time. I also ordered a nice Anti-Reflective layer that goes directly on the screen which has helped as well: Dayvue by NuShield