AMA Sanctioned Event E Waiver Option

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    Just making AMA members aware of the latest electronic liability waiver option for sanctioned competition and recreation events. As we are all aware whenever you enter an AMA sanctioned event you are required to sign an agreement of limited liability for adults and if youth are involved a minor release liability form signed by a guardian/guardians. You know, that sheet of red lettered paper with a long list of unrecognizable hand written names and the minor release form that the club referee usually misplaces with all the other stacks of AMA paperwork that Serena wants the club to keep in a refrigerator sized file cabinet in the club house that never gets looked at. Well now the AMA has teamed up with the Smart Waiver service to take care of release forms in an electronic platform that you can carry with you and will be on file with the AMA, the proper department for important items. You can visit the AMA website here; and walk through the process. Keep in mind you must be an active AMA member and have your account enabled and personal information up to date. These electronic waivers are good for one year and expire on December 31. Also keep in mind that the waiver is good only for events that make use of the approved AMA insurance carrier (currently Birdsong) so if an organizer is using a different insurance source you will most likely be required to sign that release version. Upon completion of the smart waiver process you will be emailed a file you can download or print. Show this to the friendly sign up staff at the next AMA sanctioned event you attend and no slimy pens or rain soaked paper to deal with. Pretty 21st century huh? This will help organizers, AMA staff and insurance carriers a bunch as well as smooth out crowded event sign up.
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