American Rider Down in Africa. Being flow to Casablanca

Discussion in 'Africa & Mid East' started by tooofast, Feb 16, 2019.

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    A buddy of mine was in a tour and had a wreck. looks like he has some broken ribs and a broken shoulder. This morning they stated to transport him out of villages to Casablanca, where he is due to arrive by plane some time today. At some time the plan is fly back to the US but its all very sketchy right now.

    By chance would anyone reading this be in or around Casablanca or know or someone who is that could look in on him? I think his french is crap, he phone was either broken is dead so we are getting very spotty info for the insurance company and state department. I can provide all the details to anyone that could offer any help.

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    Was searching the regional forum to look for info on shipping a bike from Casablanca to Montreal and saw this.

    Sorry to hear about your buddy. Hope he heals quickly and all goes well.