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Another alternator hits the dust and not under warranty

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by C5!, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. BBohemian

    BBohemian Adventurer

    Jul 7, 2015
    RTP, NC
    ElectroSport stator and SH775 r/r is good combo.

    SH847 regulator is just too big to deal with. At the moment, someone from AZ is selling genuine SH775 on eBay for $100 shipped (which is $50+ less u would pay to Polaris if buying directly from them)...

    You will also a harness to put it all together. Jack at RoadsterCycle sells super-harness that u can use. He can also get SH775 still, if u don’t want to take chances on eBay and don’t mind paying retail. He is a really good guy and very helpful.

    Edit: the above opinion is based on my install on 2009 F800GS. I’d not put OEM back in.
  2. xcuzzi

    xcuzzi n00b

    Jul 17, 2008
    Southwest USA
    I replaced the battery and noticed later that it was not charging. I checked battery voltage and it did not increase when the motor was running. After reading some (not all !) of this posting I ordered the Electrotec stator and installed it. The cover came off easy. The hardest part was disconnecting the stator wiring at the plug. BMW did a great job of hiding that. Also, I used silicone gasket maker because the gasket came apart and it did not look like there was any oil in that space anyway . . . when I got it back together, there was pretty significant oil leak from the top of the case, sooo . . . I looked up the gasket on the MAX BMW parts fiche and called San Diego BMW. Stunner, they had it "in stock' so I am headed there to pick up the gasket right now. My F800GS is a 2010. This stator lasted 62K miles, and I did NOT change the regulator rectifier.
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