Another Boring Deadhorse, AK Ride Report

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    Sep 9, 2009
    Nicely done report of my backyard. BTW, I prefer getting on the ferry
    at Prince Rupert instead of Bellingham. Its a bit less time overall and
    about half the cost. The Yellowknife highway as you near Prince Rupert
    is very picturesque, if weather cooperates. You did very well with weather
    in Alaska as many areas broke all-time records for rain fall. Probably
    the coolest wettest summer since record keeping began. Summer '13
    was the opposite.
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    Apr 23, 2012
    2009 DL 650
    46,000 miles at the start of the trip
    Checked valves before leaving
    Givi Rack with 42 or 55 liter side cases- More than enough space for food, tools, camping gear and other goodies.
    1 Gallon roto pax mounted to top plate- Used between Coldfoot and Deadhorse.
    Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel Bag, Size Small- This thing is huge, a medium or a large would be overkill.
    Enduro Guardian Skid plate with highway pegs- The pegs were a great upgrade for when I needed to change the pressure points on my butt.
    Barkbuster Storm hand guards- I'm glad I had them as I took a tiny parking lot soil sample.
    Givi engine guards.
    Garmin GPS
    Dual USB power mounted up front on the bike - Nice for charging the phone and the SENA.
    ROX Risers
    Mosquito net- You will not survive without one! I didn't use Deet once.
    Clear and tinted visors
    Fat bars
    Medium Cortech tank bag
    Airhawk pad. Nice upgrade but mine failed after about a week. It was very old.
    20 degree sleeping bag
    NeoAir sleeping pad-Compact and ultra light
    California Scientific Motorcycle Windshield- The stock Strom screen sucks and this taller, wider screen provides great wind protection
    Eastern Beaver 3 Circuit Fuse Solution running GPS, headlight relays and heated grips. Heated grips are a must.
    Powerlet Rapid Fire heated jacket and glove liners- I used this a handful of times but was glad I had it. It got chilly a few times.
    Gaerne G-Adventure Boots - They are advertised as waterproof but they are NOT. I had wet feet during heavy and steady rain. The boots are super comfy but Gaerne customer support sucks and I've had no luck getting the boots replaced. I'll be doing Gortex boots next time.
    RevIt Sand suit- Great suit. It fits me well but the rain liners are a pain. I'll be in the market for a Gortex suit next time around.
    Shoei Quest Helmet - Comfy and kept the rain off my head.
    SENA SMH10- Quite possibly the best piece of gear I've ever purchased. All three of us had them and it made communicating a breeze, chatting or listening to music. It really does keep some of the boredom at bay. Highly recommended.
    REI Halfdome tent- Perfect for one person and gear
    REI camping chair
    GoPro mounted to helmet for pictures while riding
    I brought a Samsung NX3000 and the other two riders had a Canon S100 and G12. I upgraded to a S100 when I got home. It's compact and takes great photos.
    Neck buff- Must have
    I ran Shinko 705s and had the rear changed in Fairbanks on the way home. I've been happy with the Shinkos and run them exclusively.

    There wasn't much I didn't use. I brought an extra set of front brakes. As long as they are near new you won't need them. There's probably something I forgot.
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    Mar 29, 2012
    Falcon, CO
    Agreed, we scored on the weather. We got rained on quite a bit during the trip, but the run from Fairbanks to Deadhorse and back was perfection. It helped with planning that we had my son, an Air Force weather forecaster, feeding us real-time weather during that time. :-)
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    Mar 29, 2012
    Falcon, CO
    Lol, kinda noticed that as I was going through the photos after the trip. I guess we're just used to wearing gear all day long. A lot of the photo ops were just quick stops whenever we would see something photo worthy, and not long enough to justify peeling off the gear. We would often heckle Logan, the closest thing to a photographer in the group, about taking so long with photos. He would just yell "I'm composing, g'dammit!"
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    Jan 11, 2006
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    Great Ride Report and Pictures thanks for taking me along....
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    Mar 29, 2012
    Falcon, CO

    2012 KTM 990 Adventure

    KTM tall touring screen
    KTM heated grips
    Fastway damper kit
    Superplush front springs
    Shinko 705 tires

    I had already owned the bike for a while and it was pretty well squared away. Right before the trip I decided to upgrade the weak stock front springs to help deal with 80lbs of stuff strapped to the bike. I also installed the Fastway damper kit. I've been exclusively a Scotts user, but the Fastway kit was an easier install on the 990 and it did the job. I had never run the Shinko 705's before this trip, but was pleasantly surprised with how well they worked.


    Touratech Racks and 38L Panniers
    Wolfman Rainer tankbag - Powerlet electric power kit for charging electronics
    Wolfman Expediation Dry Bag
    Wolfman tail rack

    The TT panniers worked great and held the vast majority of the stuff I needed to carry. The Wolfman tankbag was plenty spacious and kept snacks, gloves, electronics, and anything else I wanted close at hand. I modified the bag with one of the Powerlet Luggage Electrix kits so I could charge my electronics completely out of the elements. The Wolfman Expedition dry bag was absolutely brilliant. You can see in the pictures that all three of us opted to use this instead of our top cases. This bag contained all my clothing, camp shoes, toiletries - basically everything I'd want to carry between the bike and tent/room. It was nice not having to worry about a top case rattling itself loose and ending up on the road.

    Camping Gear (one pannier)

    REI Passage 2 two man tent
    REI Flex Lite camp chair
    REI first aid kit
    REI microfiber camp towel
    Mountain Hardware Ultra-Lamina 15 degree bag
    Thermarest sleeping pad
    Cocoon inflatable pillow
    2 Platypus 1L water bottles
    1 Platypus 750ml wine bottle :-)
    1 flask for bourbon/scotch
    JetBoil Flash stove
    Titanium race spoon
    Mountain House meals
    old-school camp cup
    Extra stove fuel
    Biodegradable camping TP

    This is a proven loadout of gear that I normally carry when camping off the enduro, and since it normally fits in a GL Coyote bag it all went into one 38L pannier with room to spare. We were carrying enough stuff to be safely stranded for at least a few days. Except for the tent, everything in the above list is in this photo...


    Tools/Spares/Fluids (other pannier)

    Brake/clutch levers
    Nuts and bolts kit
    Brake fluid
    Clutch fluid
    Engine oil - enough for topping off
    Front/Rear tubes
    Air filter cleaning fluid
    Air filter oil
    Chain lube
    Quick Steel
    Tube slime
    Spray cleaner for helmet, windshields, etc
    Tool kit put together by me

    Aside from the 990 parts and some of the fluids, much of this is the kit that I carry on my enduro. The tool kit is something put together by me and has what I need to do some fairly siginificant roadside maintenance. Some of the northern portions of the Dalton Hwy do not offer much in the way of a shoulder, so I packed a bottle of Tube Slime in case I had to quick-fix a flat just well enough to get to a safer place to change a tube.

    Riding Gear

    Arai RX-Q
    Klim Badlands Pro jacket
    Klim Badlands Pro Pants
    Sidi Adventure Rain boots
    Klim Inferno mid-layer for when it was chilly
    Powerlet rapidFIRe electric liner for when it was mother fucking cold
    Klim Adventure glove for when it was nice
    Revit WSP gloves for when it was chilly
    Dainese Valeta GTX Gore-Tex gloves for when it was cold and/or rainy
    Technical fabrics for base layers, socks, underwear

    It was a painful shot to the wallet when I bought my Klim Badland Pro super-duper Gore-Tex jacket/pant set, but I was having no regrets with that purchase by the end of this trip. We got rained on at least part of most of the days. There were a couple days of monsoon rain as we were coming down through Canada. I stayed dry head to toe. The Klim gear, Sidi boots, and Dainese Valeta gloves all worked awesome. The Revit WSP gloves were great in cooler temps and its WindStopper shell was water resistant enough for light intermittent rain. I've worn Arai helmets for years an decided to buy a fresh helmet for the trip. The RX-Q is basically a Corsair redesigned for "up right" street riding and works great, actually smoother than my Corsair in terms of airflow and buffeting. As for temperature control, the only difference between 40 degrees and 100 degrees was whether or not I was wearing my Klim Inferno mid-layer. I only broke out the electric when we were close to Deadhorse, but it probably wasn't really necessary. Though, I have to say I do love the Powerlet RapidFIRe for when the temps are low all day.


    Garmin Montana 600
    GoPro Hero 3 Black
    Canon S100
    Sena SMH10 helmet comms
    Spot tracker
    Acer Chromebook
    1TB USB powered backup drive
    Black Diamond headlamp

    I've used Garmin products for a long time and recently retired my Zumo 550 for the Montana 600. I think the Montana is about the best solution out there for riders that do both on and off road riding. I had it loaded up with the most recent City Navigator North America maps.

    Photos and video were captured with a GoPro 3 and my Canon S100 piont-and-shoot. The GoPro is a no mystery, does what it does. The S100 is a great little camera that gives you a lot of manual control or the ease of full-auto shooting, all in a tiny form factor. I brought extra batteries for both that I kept charged via the Luggage Electrix kit I installed in the tank bag.

    The Sena SMH10 helmet comms proved to be invaluable on this trip. We all three had them and the ability to plan stops and route changes on the go or just shoot the shit while grinding out the miles was awesome. It was also great to be able to listen to music from my phone while riding. It's kind of become a piece of kit I can't live without. The tank bag Luggage Electrix were handy here as I just kept my phone plugged in and charging the whole time.

    I had been using my Spot tracker for like two years and it decided to give up the ghost on the second day of the trip. It will power up, but do nothing else outside of that. Out of warranty, so it's a write-off.

    I packed my chromebook for two reasons. First, I used it to write out a daily recap each night for the purpose of creating this ride report. Second, I used it as a conduit to clear the camera SD cards off to the 1TB backup drive. The thing runs like 10 hours on a charge, so I could go for days of camping without worrying about pluging it in.
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    How much was the ferry portion of the trip? I rode up there 2 years ago and wanted to do the ferry but skipped it because of timing and just couldn't figure out exactly what the cost would be.
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    Mar 29, 2012
    Falcon, CO
    It was $353 per person and $462 per bike. The room was another $580 that we split three ways.
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    I had no idea that Andy Dick was a serious motorcyclist! :lol3:lol3:lol3


    Nice trip and report guys.

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    Almost Sumas Wa.
    yup, I know where it is,that crossing does have it's moments...we do the hwy 20 loop at least once a year.Great micro brew in Winthrop.
    Great report,glad everyone is home safe.
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    Enjoyed your ride report. No such thing as a boring Alaska ride report :wink:. I didn't get to Deadhorse, but many of the other places look familiar. Have to get back up there.
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    Bump because this a great report. Thanks for sharing fellas
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    Thanks guys. Your report helped out tremendously for my trip planning in July 2016. I'm planning a similar ride for two of use from southeast Washington, ride the Port Hardy - Prince Rupert ferry instead, Deadhorse, and then back through Banff. Your details really help in planning and opportunities to keep an eye out for!
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    Haha. Glad some of the info helped. You're going to have an amazing time. The scenery of the Dalton is burned into my mind and one of the coolest things I've seen in my life. Enjoy!
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    Great trip, thanks for sharing and all the pics, I just read this one from beginning to end and really enjoyed it, thanks! :thumb:beer
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    Point Hope, Sitka & Biorka Island- all in Alaska
    Great ride report!!! Thank you!
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    Without a doubt, one of the most tragic incidents I've ever read of in a ride report. :D
    Glad the rest of the trip seemed to go much better. Thanks for the report.
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