[Another] Penny Tech Bead Breaker

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Snapper, Aug 30, 2008.

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    So I decided to mount and balance the tubed tires on my motard, to save a few bucks, know the job was right, and most importantly, know what to do if I get a flat on the road. Now I've fixed tube flats on the road in the old days of the bias-ply, and for some reason, I thought this would be as easy.

    Wrong.... while the rear bead broke easy enough with my body weight on piece of wood, the front was having none of it. So scrounging around the garage I happened to put this simple contraption together and it worked great. (Third piece of wood required to protect a face down disk or sprocket.)


    A little fiddling to get the knot set right, but by just sliding the wheel towards, or away from, the rope hinge point you can effectively get change the leverage and distance the rubber mallet pinchs down. Positioning your arms as pictured, you have a lot of fine control to guide the mallet without damaging the rim.

    Finally, I figure you can pretty easily fashion this contraption on the road with a couple of stout branches, and cut a Y-shaped branch in slingshot shape with say a 2" diameter handle (for surface area), for use in place of the mallet. A belt should work fine as the rope and I always carry a Swiss Army knife or multi-tool with a 3" saw blade.

    Now setting the bead is a different matter... it took 70psi to pop the beads back. I always carry a small mountain bike air pump, thinking an electric pump was overkill for a constant carry and frankly is less reliable - but no way I could pump 70lbs. You guys think it is safe to ride easy with an un-popped bead until you can get to a service station?
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    Good tip, that's the simplest bead breaker I've seen so far.:clap
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    Thanks for posting the pic. Great idea!
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    Instead of the mallet, you could jam in a boot, sideways. Instead of the second 2X4 with hinge strap, you could slip the 2X4 or similar lever under a car or other heavy object and push down on the lever by sitting or standing on it, to compress and break the bead.
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    <BR>Lotta pathways through that neural net. Good one Snapper.

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    bump. Love it! Gotta give that a try next time!