any available sensibly "pre-organized" openstreetmaps data sets (RTW or other)?

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    prolly a dumb question (and i am reading the available documentation) but when i try to download whole countries in safari or in mozilla i have to select individual portions. for instance in the US i just downloaded texas to try to get started.

    i'm told i can't download the whole of the continental US because it won't fit on my 2 GB card (or it might but not much else will).

    anyway, since i have to go in and decide myself as a GPS newbie how to segregate this data - and since i would like to organize other parts of the world as i dream up other trips - isn't there a repository with "sensibly" segregated openstreetmap files that have reasonable file sizes? right now it seems like i have to download very small bits of discrete data when i just want eastern seaboad, southwest, southeast etc, etc, etc. wouldn't this be an obvious implementation or at the least something someone has made available?

    i mean, if i could just download the individual files i could rename them with something that made more sense to me and it would save me from trying to figure out how to manually select all those little boxes.

    or is there something in the OSM terms that require a direct download to my computer? am i missing something here?

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    You can select individual areas,states or countries on the OSM site by either selecting individual map tiles or click/drag to select a large region.
    I could only get OSM site to allow download of about 1/2 of USA at a time due to file size.
    I am on a 2007 iMac.

    Your data card as you know has a relatively small size(even the Russian 2Gb) as compared to the modern data cards Garmin now uses and older Garmin units only allow a certain number of map sets to be uploaded,even if you have the card space.

    Not sure of a "sensible" repository for the OSM maps you might need.
    You will likely need to invest in more data cards or begin looking at more current GPS technology.

    I do applaud your effort at trying to deal with this old tech!

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