Any experience with Warp 9 wheels?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by AviatorTroy, Feb 2, 2020.

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    Is anybody running spoked Warp9 supermoto wheels with tubeless tires? I'd like to go with an Outex or similar sealing system and tubeless but it isn't always recommended with tires that don't have a safety bead. I can't tell if the Supermoto rims have a safety bead and I've not heard back from Kevin.

    Feeling crappy today. Not COVID-19. Just a bug. Weather's nice. When you feel like crap, the best way to feel better is to order parts for your motorcycle, right?
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    I've run a few sets of Warp9 (@warp9man) rims on different bikes. If you get to speak to Kevin or any other wheel manufacturer you'll soon understand there are only a few companies that actually make and use good quality rims, and Warp 9 is one of them

    My last set was Elites on my DR650 and they did 45,000 miles w/o a single issue, my ex gf has them on her bike and has more mileage and is now riding rallies using these wheels.

    Building my new bike for continued RTW riding I chose Elites because they are that good, and customer service is top-notch, hope that boosts your confidence and makes them a 100% buy

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    So the only difference in Warp 9 wheels vs crush drive is the rubber inserts?