Any Taswegian Lurkers???

Discussion in 'Australia' started by allanmcgill, May 10, 2004.

  1. allanmcgill

    allanmcgill Frustrated Adventurer

    Sep 14, 2003
    Queenstown, Tasmania, Australia
    Are there any Tasmanian Advriders who can help me with information as I am new to the state?

    I have recently moved from Queensland and am wanting some practical advice on some suitable gear to keep myself from freezing. Where is a shop with a wide selection of gear? Who knows what they are selling and will sell me the right gear, not something totally useless in the real world?

  2. mitch

    mitch Long timer

    Dec 16, 2002
    Townsville ,Queensland, Australia
    PM jackafrica he should be able to help. :wink:
  3. Mick Fagan

    Mick Fagan Been here awhile

    Sep 24, 2003
    Melbourne, Australia.
    You may find that the best range of goods will be either, a shop in Melbourne, or, if you know your size and like the BMW range of goodies then mail order some of their stuff.

    I'll try and find some Tasmanian friends who may be able to help. I know a few, we'll see what they bring up.

    Hows the last mile into Queenstown? Looks pretty now that the trees are growing back.

    Some very rugged terrain in that part of the world and most of it unexplored, literally.

  4. Alchemist

    Alchemist Been here awhile

    Feb 8, 2004
    Sydney Australia
    I was born in Tassie, does that count :D . Seems last time I was there most of the good shops were in Launceston for some reason, but surely there must be some decent ones in Hobart. Where are you.

    Could also think about Internet sales. I just used to use several layers, footie jumpers, and a big raincoat over the top to stop the wind. You might also try some of the sailing shops. Clothing for that is good for keeping warm and dry (but not much protection)....and there are bucketloads of sailing shops around Tassie.

    LKYPHL Been here awhile

    Jun 10, 2002
    Melbourne, Oz
    Allan, you'll find the humble balaclava a great asset ; helps to keep the wind off your neck, and there's a heap of blood gets pumped through there. If you can minimise heat loss from your blood it's a good start.

    A mate recently flew Mel - Hobart return for $78 ; if you're going to buy a heap of clobber it might be worth a flight and a day's shopping in Melbourne.

    If you're skinny and feel the cold, like myself, you can't do better (IMO) than a Gerbing heated jacket liner. Absolute bliss.
  6. BorisTas

    BorisTas Ageing Adventurer

    Jun 22, 2003
    Tasmania, Australia.
    Hey Bud,
    Mick here from Glengarry (just up river from Launceston). On the gear front, buy the best you can and layer up, do some research on what you want in the magazines and the guys in most shops down here are pretty good. my wife and I use mainly BMW stuff as we find it works well , is comfy and the local BM dealer seems to look after me . anyway if'n ya comin' this direction at anytime let me know and we'll show ya round or make ya a coffe or whateva :freaky
  7. allanmcgill

    allanmcgill Frustrated Adventurer

    Sep 14, 2003
    Queenstown, Tasmania, Australia
    Thanks for all the advice. I will layer up etc and go for a ride or two, or three, and decide what works for me.
    West coast weather, the way it is at the moment, will be a good trial for suitable gear.
    looking forward to seeing you around.
    Thanks Again
  8. jackafrica

    jackafrica sinking low in the saddle

    Sep 7, 2003
    42 degrees south, Tasmania
    G'day Allan,
    Sent you a pm the other day when I arrived home from a month in Darwin.
    Talk about hot ( even the crows wear hats up there..........not good for a Tassie :D
    The Melbourne caper isn't a bad idea, but getting from Q/town to the airport is a bit of a trip.
    Bloody shame about the " greening " of 99 bends. Looked best as a moonscape on sunny afternoon coming in from Gormanston, but the road has changed a little now.
    Both Hobart and Lonny are good places to buy gear. The BMW/Suzuki dealer in Lonny has a good range of stuff, including the exxy BuMW factory gear made in far away places.
    Personally I shop at Motorworks in Hobart for that sort of gear, but have also bought in Launceston.
    A recent trip to Melbourne disappointed me. The Elizabeth Street dealers all had the same stuff as was available at home. No exotica there, or really an interest in cutting the sticker price.
    Lemme know if you didn't get the pm.
  9. Broo C em

    Broo C em Been here awhile

    Jan 30, 2002
    NP, Taranaki, NZ
    G'day Jack, or Dick, or callit what you will . .. how ya doin there pal, long time no hear.

    Here? I still have the groovy old G/S mit litre lungs, just traded the 'investment purposes only' 650Dak against a tidy low kms 2000 LC4 (love its' long legs), then traded the DRZ400 on a (you'll love this) a sweet lil half-faired '94 750SS with solo 'Superlight' seat, I actually owned this'n before about 5 or 6 years ago & it has spent mosta the time in the same dealers with a silly price on it, now he's closing down & taking 'offers' ~ SNAP!!!
    Phew, good to have a Dook in the shed again, have been feeling quite odd since I sold the 907, just because it was a 25% profit . .. . swings & roundabouts eh.
    I still have the wee GasGas Pampera too, just for 'play' around the garden & local trails, a VERY beaut lil scoot.
    So many bikes, SO little time, eh!
    Mind how ya go pal.
    CIAO fer now
    BrooC :freaky