Anyone driving from Sac to LA???? I need a Trailer in a Bag from there to here...

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    Hello team,

    I purchased a "Trailer in a Bag" (the Stinger one) and it's at a friends house in Sacramento. I had some issues with my hitch yesterday so wasn't able to drag it back home (my tow vehicle is a 2012 R1200GSA...)

    So, I'm curious if anyone is driving between Sac and LA and wouldn't mind bringing it south? It's disassembled and can fit in the back of an SUV/truck/large car, or even a smaller one if nothing else is in it. For example, I was gonna drive my brother's Honda Fit back north, throw it all inside, and snag it if all else fails. I just wouldn't recommend towing it back unless you plan on also hauling some weight.

    Which means this would also be PERFECT for anyone who has a bike in NorCal and needs to get it south but doesn't have a trailer. Use mine, and then just bring me the trailer...

    If all, all else fails, I'll be riding back, and per the neighbors suggestion, buying 350 lbs of rocks from Home Depot, weighting down my trailer, hauling them to LA, and them returning the rocks.

    From the Stinger website the specs are:

    • Weight: 239 lbs.
    • Disassembled & Boxed Footprint Measures: Width: 24″/ Length: 54″/ Height: 24″

    The trailer.

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