Anyone interested in getting their bikes shipped to South America??

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    Always wanted to ride in South America but don't want to ride the Darien Gap? There's a ship called the Stahlratte that can carry you and your motorcycle from Isla Mujeres in Mexico, stopping in Cuba for 19 days where you can ride, and then continuing on to Cartagena. There are 4 of us wanting to do it, but they need more folks to make it viable. This would be the itinerary:
    May 7, 2020. departure isla mujeres
    may 10. arrival cienfuegos/cuba
    may 29 departure santiago de cuba
    may 30. arrival port antonio/jamaica
    june 5. departure port antonio
    june 9 arrival cartagena

    You can check out the ship at
    Let me know if you are interested, and I'll give you more info.
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