Anyone Using the ACR 2880?

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by wncstrada, Oct 19, 2018.

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    I've just retired and now have started doing some longer rides. Next year before decrepitude sets in I hope to take on either the TAT or Alaska. I've looked at SPOT and Inreach and think that they're great but expensive. Is anyone using the ACR 2880 as their emergency locating device? I know that it doesn't have all the tracking and texting features as the others, but it looks like it would do the job in summoning help if the crap hits the fan. Any feedback or opinions are appreciated!
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    I've heard stories about the ball really being dropped on occasion with these on land. With something like an InReach, you can communicate, rather than just press the button and wait.

    Or so I read.

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    I've seen a Spot in use and an ACR PLB in use.

    The PLB is a more reliable response and possibly faster service. The downside is there are no 'check-in' messages... just the one button.

    Spot has more communication options, but... you are relying on a private company's call center to relay a message to the proper authorities... much more room for error and delay.

    In the instances that I have seen (only one each), both 'calls' were in very very remote locations. The PLB resulted in a quick response and extraction. The Spot took much longer and required third parties to also call to direct assistance.

    I carry a Spot. I understand and accept the shortcomings. I like the tracking feature. I also like that it has other communication options. I have the Gen3 model. I have used the customizable message feature... it's nice to be able to call for help without necessarily alerting the authorities. My custom message tells my wife to call AAA for a tow if I am near a road. Worked like a charm when I was stuck along a rural highway last year with no cell reception. If you go with Spot, the trick is to tell your appointed contact to 'lobby' for you should you hit the SOS button. Aside from sending the SOS message to the call center, your appointed contact will also be alerted and get your location. Make sure that they do not rely on the Spot call center. They should look at your location, figure out who the local authority is and call them to report that you need help.

    In the Spot use that I witnessed, Spot call center actually did an OK job, but the local authority did not seem to know what to do with a somewhat random call from an out of state call center. It was put on the back-burner until the Spot owners wife and myself (after riding to an area with cell coverage) called the local sheriff to provide more info on the situation.
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    My official vote is for the InReach SE. A little more expensive but worth it to have two-way communication. Good battery life and easily recharges from a jump pack or plug in at night. Wife won't let me ride without it.