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    Mar 17, 2004
    Hope it's okay if I post this here:

    Just wanted to throw this out there if you weren't already aware. Most of you know that I'm slowly expanding my realm and California Motorcycle Roads to offer my services as a tour guide. I've had so many people ask me to plan out their routes for them over the years, figured it was time to get a little more serious.

    To get things rolling, we're going to head out and ride some our routes in a condensed version, sort of a Dry Run, and since we were headed out anyway, figured we'd ask some of our fellow riders if they'd like to go along! We're going to ride the Pacific Coast out of San Francisco in Mid-May and then ride the motorcycle paradise of Northern California. Then mid-June, we'll ride south from San Jose along the beautiful Big Sur Pacific Coastline to Solvang and back to check out the Antique Motorcycle Museum. I was even thinking of doing another in August to the Sierra's for three days. I'm calling this the Dry Run Tours b/c it's more to just run the route of our normal week long tours condensed into three days (based from San Fran) of wondrous riding through some of the most amazing terrain- about 850 miles in 3 days.

    We have several riders signed up already and thus far it's really an eclectic bunch- I don't much care what you ride, long as you bring a motorcycle and a big grin.

    We're charging next to nothing, just to make sure we're not loosing money, plus to open it up to all riders, and to help provide a few dollars to help us get this company off the ground.

    While I'm well aware that you could just hop on your bike, and do these routes yourself (myself included), this is one step beyond a solo or group ride for an afternoon. This is a chance to share in that experience of riding we all love so much with fellow motorcyclists. We're also opening this up to suggestion and ready to listen to any input someone might have. I know a lot of you are a well-traveled through CA and I love the idea of these being tours designed and thought up by local riders. Many of you have been so extremely supportive of my work on the California Motorcycle Roads website and here's a chance to give something back.

    Do take a look! Here's the link- The Dry Run Tours of Coastal California . I can't wait! <!--emo&:inlove:--><!--endemo--> If you'd like to go, give it some thought, help us get this company rolling, and let's ride!