(Anza, CA) Special Doc Wong-Phil Howell Adventure/Dirt Event at Motoventures, May 2-3, 2020!

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    Special Doc Wong-Phil Howell Adventure/Dirt Event at Motoventures, May 2-3, 2020!



    Here's an opportunity for you to really improve your dirt or dual sport riding skills. Our good friend Phil Howell came back from the Motoventures training and I could not believe how his dirt skills have improved!!!

    Your skill level can be a new dirt rider to an experienced dirt rider as each rider will be coached at his or her own level! One thing for sure is that I'm very confident that you will improve your skills immensely.


    Phil Howell, our good friend and fellow Doc Wong Volunteer is an amazing rider that does one on one training with riders, set this up for us. He did this course with huge improvements which is why I’m so excited about this event.

    Motoventures is a premier off-road training facility in Anza, CA run by Gary LaPlante. World class trials rider, factory test rider and engineer. The man literally wrote the book on off-road riding. It's on a 350 acre private ranch just for training!!!

    What: Special Doc Wong Adventure/Dirt Event at Motoventures

    When: Sat, Sunday May 2-3, 2020

    Campers arrive Friday afternoon evening on May 1

    Class is on May 2-3

    Where: Southern California: www.motoventures.com

    The 350 acre ranch is located in Anza, California. It's 30 minutes outside of Temecula wine country


    Cost: Now all of this sounds amazing! Here is the pricing breakdown:

    For 0-10 riders the course is $255 per rider per day ($355 with bike rental)

    For 10-25 riders its $235 per rider per day ($335 with bike rental)

    For 25+ riders it's $215 per rider per day ($315 with bike rental)

    So the more of us that attend the cheaper!

    How to sign up:

    1. RSVP to this email so we can get an idea of where we are at.

    2. Contact Gary LaPlante himself (yes he answers when you call!) 1(877)260-6686 and reserve your spot in the group. Make sure to mention the weekend and Doc Wong. He will be handling all payment info and the like.

    See you there?

    Doc Wong




    Do you want to take your skills with that shiny new adventure bike or dual sport to the next level? This is the place to do it. You'll learn sitting and standing turns, emergency braking, centering and counter balancing, self recovery from a failed hill climb, loose side hills, tight turns on hillsides, steep hill climbs with no traction, beam riding (to practice tire placement and balance). All of this on day one! On day two we'll be throwing in some more advanced fun like wheelies, jumps, and slides, basic real life trail techniques that will make you a much safer and proficient rider. During all of this throughout the 2 days we will be using the amazing 350 acre facility to put your newfound talent to use!

    We will be arriving at Motoventures afternoon/evening of Friday, May 1st for those of you that wish to camp. If you would prefer to stay somewhere Temecula, CA is the closest at approx 30 min away. Class will be from 9am-2pm (officially) Sat May 2nd and Sun May 3rd.

    Motoventures has loaner off-road gear to use if you need to borrow some, but full off-road gear is strongly recommended! (boots, pants, kneepads, chest/back/shoulder, elbow, and of course helmet)


    If this is your first time in the dirt, or you would like to bring a newer rider, Motoventures has a fleet of well maintained dirt bikes to rent. It is always suggested to rent a bike for the first day if you have no dirt experience as a small light bike makes perfecting these techniques a lot easier.

    We'll be sitting around the campfire sharing stories and just having a great time!

    You will need to bring your camping supplies and food for the duration, other amenities are 30 min away. There are restrooms, power, and water available onsite. Bring your adventure bike, dirt bike, or dual sport you will be learning skills that will make you a better rider in all disciplines!

    Our friend Phil has taken the course and is amazed at the value and immense information you gain from just 2 days with them. For those of you that join us for the regular dual sport ride I'm sure you have seen the tremendous increase in his skills in such a short time frame!

    I hope to see you at this amazing training event!


    Yours in great health, great riding and great fun!

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