Aotearoa New Zealand on a WR250R

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    My last trip up in the North Island was at Tongariro National Park, the central plateau of NZ. An active volcanic region, this has some great scenery and is where some of the Lord of the Rings was filmed - one of the volcanoes being Mt Doom, and the area is known as 'Middle Earth'.

    Mark, who had agreed to ride up from Palmerston North to meet me at 8.30pm ish the previous evening, rolled in about 10am. We got acquainted and then head off first to tackle the 42 Traverse and then Fishers Track. Mark turned out to be a rescue chopper pilot, and rode a KTM790R. He was reasonable off road and we tackled the terrain pretty well. A great track and day for riding. We swapped bikes for a bit and all I can say is wow, the 790R is a massive upgrade from the old WR! Different bikes yeah, but the bike despite being quite heavy didnt feel it. Huge amounts of power on tap and well suspended. I enjoyed it. Maybe an upgrade in the future? Haha.

    Below is a picture from Ten Man Hut, one of the more difficult side tracks off the 42, and another on Fishers Track, which was some cool single track.

    898084DC-4271-4194-B5E5-5EBE2F91B2F0.jpg DSC05688.JPG
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    Hell man, that's all your going to post...LOL? That second pic of the bikes on the ridge needs more - looks like an absolutely fantastic track!

    Really cool to get out and rip with a guy who knows the tracks.