Aprilia Caponord Rally-Hauling in the truck bed

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    I did it! Figured out how to haul the Capo in the truck!
    Had to take up to the dealer and leave for a week, nobody wanted to run up 1 1/2 hours to haul me back :(
    Faced with that, I figured out a way! (pic #1)
    To do this, I stripped the bike down, no bags, no windshield and had to remove the hand guards.
    I stole an idea from Canyon Dancer, using a strap across the bars. With that as a starting point, I began to tear apart straps!
    First step, fabricate the bar strap. This was a full length strap doubled and sewn together (oh yeah, to do this you will need access to a fairly heavy duty sewing machine.) (pic #2)
    I figured out a wrap on the grips, and anchored the bar strap. (pic #3) This arrangement was anchored using 2 regular straps to the front mounts in my bed. These straps were not tight! They were for side to side stability. The frame and footpeg straps took the majority of the weight.
    I tore apart another strap to fabricate straps to mount on the frame. Also, used a short length to go into the ratchet (pic #4) These were to the rear mount in my bed.
    Regular straps from the footpegs to the front bed mounts (you can see in pic #4)
    It may be a little over-kill, there is 6 straps holding the bike down. BUT, it was rock solid and I was (after the first 20 minutes) not concerned with the bike going anywhere. Seen too many bikes fall over or fall out of trucks in my time. I would rather spend extra time strapping in & unstrapping then have to pick my bike up off the freeway.
    If anybody wants additional information, let me know. 20170606_081038.jpg 20170606_081119.jpg 20170606_074700.jpg 20170606_081057.jpg
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