Are there any Moto camps in the Rockies?

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    Like other mentioned $30 is on the high end. For prospective we did an 8 week 13,500 mile run from Florida to Alaska and back. Only paid 6 night all under $20. This summer we did 6 weeks in Colorado and only paid for 4 nights, all under $22. I like the challenge of sniffing out a free spot and not just free but freedom. Any tard can park at Walmart overnight, cause free ain't always free - you can cook outside or set up a proper camp at some free spots.
    Here's a vid of our freedom campsites in CO this summer.

    I love the idea and would love to run a camp like ya mention but for the lifestyle not to make money. Most folks out and about have an interesting story. It would be more of a passion project. But for the money you mentioned there better be offering a hot spring soak or some other unique amenity to justify the price.

    Here's one we stayed at in NC by The Dragon. It offers a level of accommodations and guessing renting the cabins is where the note is paid not the tent spaces.

    You know us frugal inmates - make sure you have an ADV discount!
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    Right, $30 is a lot but how much do you pay in a national park? And there IS a doozie of a national park close by. A national park in which you just can't find any sort of accommodation all summer long. (Correct me if I'm out of date here). Red Lodge is a long ride away but what a ride! And Red Lodge is a destination in itself. So I could imagine spending a week there, easily.

    A large part of the appeal or a moto campground to me is the social aspect. Analogous to a rally; you go the first couple years for the riding and after that you go to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Roll the dice and see what sort of riders you'll meet at this "rally". And I'm guessing that's a large part of the motivation for you to invest so much time and money into this venture. If you manage to get the word out to the riding community at large, you'll get most all the traffic heading to and from Yellowstone. Overcrowding or no, it's still a must see for all the Euros doing the USA tour. And all the Americans doing the USA tour too. A natural stop for those heading to Alaska. So you'd naturally get interest from all those riders. (Maybe not the cheapskates though.)