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    Oct 7, 2004
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    Just got this email from my friends at Rawhyde. Looks like fun...

    ""Where: The RawHyde Enduro Center, Castaic, Ca.
    When: June 7th,8th & 9th 2007

    The challenge will be a competitive GS oriented adventure event consisting of three days of great adventure rides and a series of skills competitions all within a "rally format". You will find a PDF file attached to this email which is the "promo piece" that we are using to attract sponsors and vendors.

    Most of you know that we have an excellent track record for hosting events of this nature. We expect this to be a phenomenal success because we have already gathered more support than we've ever had from key companies within the industry & we still have 5 months to go.

    These key are not only sponsoring us, or vending - but they are promoting as well. As always this event is tailored to enable you as a dealer, to use it promotionally to sell parts, accessories ,tires etc.... and yes even bikes... because the energy it will create will make riders from outside the "genre" want to participate. I am positive that this will be the most talked about rally / event for 07 within the "genre" of dual sport adventure because of the industry support we are receiving . Speaking of your role as "Dealers"... We are particularly excited by one aspect of the event, and that is the dealer team challenge. We hope that you will select one person from your dealership to be your "team captain" and participate in a sub-category of the event called the "team challenge". More details will be forthcoming, but the concept is simple... recruit a group of your customers to be part of your team... camp together at the event, ride together, earn points together... and the team with the most points wins. Its a fabulous way to build "community" for you dealership.

    The challenge will be an amazing value for the participants because each participant will receive an "Authentic Rally Jacket" with embroidery denoting their participation in the challenge... The retail value of the jacket is nearly $300, which offsets most of their entry fee.. The cost to enter the challenge is $349. Take into account a $300 riding jacket, and 10 meals, plus 3 days of riding and fun... and its an incredible deal.

    If you have any questions, please contact me via email or at 213 713 5652.

    All the best, Jim Hyde

    RawHyde Adventures
    PO Box 244