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    Jan 3, 2003
    "The sad part about what is happening out in the west are the number of people who want to "get away from it all" and move to a quiet, little rural town, but then want to bring in all the upscale amenities they had back where they came from. They have to have their Starbucks, shopping opportunities, trendy restaurants, better road maintenance, etc., until the nice little town is just another bland suburbia wasteland just like where they came from. Pretty soon the nice mom and pop stores that helped make the place special have all been replaced by chain stores.

    So, if someone thinks they just will die if they can't get a good latte, or need the latest trendy Bulgarian-South Seas vegetarian seaweed restaurant, or needs a proper new age health club with organic aerobics and the latest equipment and best trainers, or will only shop at a tony organic grocery, or thinks the town should not be supporting the hunters who come in every fall, or starts complaining because the favorite local bar allows smoking, or wants the county to have the dirt road to their new remote trophy home paved and the snow plowed by 6am, or can't get cable TV or high speed internet service at the aforementioned trophy house, etc., please stay in the suburbs where you belong."

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    May 20, 2003
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    This is a bit OT, Bentspoke, but next time you're in the state, get over to Clifton and ride 191 to Alpine. Some of the best pavement on the planet.

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    Can identify with your thoughts about Kingman being appealing; drove thru thataway a few years ago enroute from Vegas to Colorado.

    Can't explain it, but Kingman had an appeal to it for no particular reason.. Both the wife and I thought "What a nice place". Can't remember, but I remember it to be isolated kinda by itself.

    What is the terrain like in that area? My view was strictly from the highway, so not sure if it is pure desert, or if there are any hills or such out there.

    Bet water gets rare in the middle of summer too.

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    Sep 10, 2002
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    Good one Fatty! :lol3 :lol3
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    Arizona has become an overgrown traffic jam. Left Tempe in 1974 and can't stand to visit the area. Little in Arizona has not been trashed. Water was an issue 30 years ago and has not improved. My father lives in Sedona and that place has even been distroyed. Please move to the state, take all the other people with you. Montana has seen many moving in and most trips in the summer the Calif. cars outnumber the locals.
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    Feb 19, 2003
    Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
    I've been in the Phx area for 12 years; currently in north north scottsdale, near Carefree. It's no longer what I'd call affordable. The Phx metro area is probably over 3.5 million people at this point and growing at around 140,000 per year. It's just getting too big for me. And there's a lot of pretension and social climbing in my part of town -- boob jobs, Escalades, and assholes in big BMW's who are in a big hurry on your back bumper.

    My favorite place for getting out of the city is the Prescott area. It's about 5000 feet, so the summers are much milder. Maybe 40,000 people or so. Several nice roads within 50 miles. A lot of national forest with forest roads to explore. There's even a state OHV area on the edge of town. My parents recently moved up to Dewey, outside of Prescott and they love it. Best year round climate they've ever seen.

    We talk about moving in a few years, and getting a rancho outside the edge of Prescott is the top location on the list. There are still very affordable areas in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey, Chino Valley. My favorite location is Williamson Valley road, N-NW of town. Prescott has the shopping and doctors you need. About 90 minutes from the big city, 2 hours from a big airport.

    A nice smaller town is Payson -- maybe 10,000 people; less going on than Prescott. Flagstaff is also very neat, but at 7,000 ft gets real winters and is a little more expensive. Local culture is tree-hugging and tie-dye.

    But if I could really park it where I wanted in a few years, it would be north or east of Durango, CO, a few miles. Let me know if you want more info.