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    Hey riders so I have an old 1983 GL1100 Goldwing Aspencade with a sidecar on it.

    I took this epic ride with my 7 year old son in August and we had a great time, I was really trying to make sure we only did a few hours of riding each day, so as to not wear out my boy - this meant we had lots of time to fool around along the way.


    Go ahead and ask questions if you're curious, there's lots I've left our because I'm not a great story teller but this is pretty much how it went.

    DAY 1

    As we're coming from BC into Washington we have to take some time getting over the border, and we came down on Friday - this meant that we were getting real close to Seattle by the end of the day and there's just nowhere to camp.

    So it was Advrider Tent Space to the rescue, dammitdave generously offered his spare room for the two of us. He made a delicious dinner for us, and invited his friend Libby and Les to visit too. My 7yo did pretty good having to sit through dinner with us old folks but it was delicious, fun and funny.

    DAY 2

    The next morning Dave led us via the back roads into Port Angeles, and then we split off and carried on to Neah Bay. We camped at Hobuck Beach Resort, which is just about perfect as it is just enormous and there aren't any real sites, you just roll up and throw a tent down wherever you like. We put our tent under the trees, but I'd recommend you don't do that as it was pretty wet.

    We visited Cape Flattery, messed around in Neah Bay and then did another night at Hobuck.

    DAY 4

    Then we popped into Ozette, but the trails there were a little challenging for us so we gave up. Failure is always an option! But it did give a great opportunity to dry our tent, so there's that. We carried on to La Push and camped at Cycle Camp.

    The guys at Cycle Camp are funny, generous and have put together a really great campground. We were the only two motorcyclists for the two nights we were there, but it was a nice mix of adventurers there.

    So with our free day we went right into La Push and walked the breaker all the way to the end where the blinky red light is. That was awesome, the rocks that make up the breaker are as big as cars, and we were just hopping from one to the other. I'm sure that was the highlight for my son.

    Then we rode the bike to Rialto Beach and walked the breaker there. We spent a lot of time making our very own wood lean-to shelter, and collected a LOT of rocks that I had to find space for on the bike.

    DAY 6

    After being without any connectivity home for nearly a week, I finally found a place the would let me use their wifi. This was a mistake, because after talking to his mom my son got homesick and that changed the tone of the trip a lot.

    So to make it more fun we decided to blow through a bunch of road and go to the county fair in Elma. This decision was not awesome in retrospect, because it was about 140 miles (225km) and that's a lot of riding for a little guy. Also I somehow thought we'd be able to pitch a tent at the fair, but apparently that's only for the carnies and not for dumb idiots like me. So we dropped our gear in a hotel, and relaxed at the fair.

    DAY 7

    So we were coming up on the weekend again in Port Townsend, and back into the advanced booking only zone for camping so I asked dammitdave if he could host us again on our way out. Lucky us we must have made a good impression because his lovely friends Les and Libby had us at their place. We had a great dinner with lots of laughs, and my son told everyone his first self-made joke.

    DAY 8

    This was the final day home, and I have to say we were both pretty excited to be on the way back. It was a long time to be away from the home life, but we had lots of silly adventures along the way.
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