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    Hey guys... a few friends and myself are planning a trip north to the artic circle this summer... I figure its somewhat related and I know there is alot more information on this board that I can digest in a lifetime. But I'll give it a shot.

    Anyway, the synopsys (sp?)...

    Sometime in June for about 3 weeks. 1 guy taking train with bike on train from SouthCarolina to Detroit. 2 guys joining guy on train for 3 guys, 3 bikes coming west to Seattle area. Total trip time about 3 days.

    I'll be riding up to Seattle area from Monterey, CA. They will be on KLR's and I'll be astride a DR650 (current plan)

    We will be on a schedule and we know that it's not the best way to make the trip but we are figuring the average speed for the whole trip to be about 45 MPH.

    The questions I have to pose to you folks are limited and come in fleeting moments... but I'll start with.

    1. Those that know more than I... what's the best/safest/most scenic route from say Seattle, WA to the Artic Circle??? I know the other guys have a route planned, I just wanna see what those with experience say. We are all very well motorcycled folks. We all know each other very well, and we are all mechanically inclined and hopefully that will make it a tad easier should issues arise.

    2. Is there anyone else in the area that would like to join up for part of the trip up??? I'm not keen on riding from Monterey to Seattle alone as it's boring as hell, and I will just superslab it if noone else is interested in joining. If someone wants to join in, maybe we can head up the coast or some other scenic route.

    3. I'm taking a DR... I'm intending to make/get made brackets for saddle bags made for Pelican cases. Does anyone here make them??? Sell them??? I've not been about to find anything about bag racks for DRs.

    4. What's the best container to carry extra fuel in?? I've got some of those small red 1 gallon gas jugs but have been pondering other methods. One that comes to mind is using gasoline safe rubber hose to attach to the bike in out of the way places. I know I know.. Could be unsafe, could be a PITA... but well, it's something that those big bulky gas jugs just take up space that could be used for other things. I guess the alternative is to strap other things and stuff them into the hoses around the bike... I've got a pretty good idea as to what I'm wanting to do but I'm planning on getting pics before blurting it all out. And I'd like to thank in advance one of the guys on here for the note I read a few days back covering this issue. It's spawned what I have in my head now. Thank you sir.

    5. For me my main question right now is this... How much room if you were take off the shock linkage and let the rear wheel come as far up against the underside of the fender... How much room is left?? I know on my bandit there is about 4"'s of clearance when all the linkage is disconnected. What's the clearance on a DR650 if you disconnected it all and let the bike sit down as close as possible to the rear wheel?

    That should do it for now.....

    Thanx in advance folks!!!!

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    1- A lot of travellers recommend taking the Cassiar HWY...

    3- Google up moto-sport panniers for bags and racks...

    4- safest to carry fuel in is the jet-pack system: 1 and 1.5 litre sigg bottles that slip into a strap on pvc tubes....You can strap 1 or 2 tubes per side to meet your needs... The carriers should be available from forest maintenence {silviculture} stores.....
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    June? Alaska?

    D2D, my friend. D2D. :freaky
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    Contact "Cariboucases" here on ADVrider. You can also find him in the "Vendors" forum or at his web site: www.cariboucases.com

    More spicificly: http://www.cariboucases.com/store/?name=Catalog&mode=i&item=000093

    Hard to beat under $600 for mounts and cases.

    (I have a set of his mounts & cases on my 1150 GS Adventure and love them.)

    For extra fuel look at the Kolpin 1.5 gallon plastic can and mount: http://www.kolpinpowersports.com/stores/1/categories/3/products/51

    also available without the mount: http://www.kolpinpowersports.com/stores/1/categories/3/products/49

    You could also go to a larger main fuel tank from Clark, IMS, or several others. Try this place: http://www.justgastanks.com

    Do the D2D in Dawson City, YT. Checkout the "Alaska" forum for details.
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    I'm afriad I don't have much in the way of answers. I just thought it interesting your taking a DR650 up there. I just moved from San Diego to Sicily and gave my DR650 to my brother when I left. I'm waiting on a 08 adventure right now and in June I have been invited to join some other beemer riders here to go up through Europe to the arctic circle. I hope to be going with them although finances after the purchase of a new GSA are a bit strained. I just can't see myself heading up there if I was still on the DR. I maded a small jaunt from Reno to San Diego on the DR and that was the last long trip I would do on it. You must not be riding the stock seat .Well, I hope you have a blast and good luck.