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    Despite a chilly -3 C ( 25 F ) this morning in this part of Norway, winter has finally lost its grip and made way for a hopefully warm summer. Took my Yamaha T 700 out for a daytrip, circumnavigating Lake Mjøsa, the biggest lake in Norway. Slightly smaller than Lake Tahoe in CA. for instance. Traditionally thousands of both motorcyclists and car enthusiasts use the labour day May 1. to do this trip around this 9000 year old lake from the last ice age, but this year things are a little different due to the Covid-19 situation. Wanted to test my new Givi Trekker 42 liter top box though. A little to bulky for this bike maybe, but very practical sometimes. An endless discussion.

    Had a look at this retro VW Beetle police car, in the town of Hamar, presumably out of duty by now. Imagine chasing a car with a thing like that back in the 70´s.[​IMG] [​IMG]

    Low water levels at the moment. This is actually a popular "beach" in the summer when water temperatures can reach 15 degrees celsius. ( 58 F).[​IMG]

    This is an infamous project in Norway. A diving tower. What should have been a fairly simple project costing about 180 000 USD and 6 months construction time, ended up costing almost 4 000 000 USD, taking seven years to finish. They even had to install a complicated heating system to prevent the construction to collapse in the winter. Saw some people using it today, though. Too cold for me.[​IMG]

    A bizarre piece of local art: Small timber logs shaped and colored to look like pencils in a pile.[​IMG]

    Local forest, very untypical for this part of Norway.[​IMG] [​IMG]

    A local pedestrian passing the fart o´meter. Producing 79 decibels and breaking the 80 decibel barrier a few moments later.[​IMG] [​IMG]

    The weather forecast is not looking good for the week to come. Glad I could the the bike out for a ride today.:clap
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    Looks like a great bike for the job. I'll look forward to seeing some pics of the area.
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    That old VW is great, there used to be so many of those where I live, not so much anymore.

    Fun ride report, would love to see more of Norway anytime you want to share. :-)

    You have a great sense of humor!
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