'auto-tracking' (?) routes (with iphone SWConnect or other)

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    GPS nOOb here.

    i have an iphone with SWConnect and Waze loaded as well as access to furkot online. i plan to get a garmin device here shortly but would like to do some experiments in the meantime.

    is there a good way to "auto track" a route so that i can then save it and upload it into basecamp or something? for instance last weekend i was out trying to test furkot with a track here in texas and was not able to stay on the route so i just free-styled a route. and i would like to be able to save this and import it into basecamp so i can look at it.

    also i did turn on SWConnnect on this ride but i am thinking that somehow SWConnect is for alerts or somethng and i couldn't figure out how to use it.

    any advice would be appreciated.



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    There are many iOS Apps that will record a Track of your travels and then Export them as a GPX Track. That GPX Track can be added to a Furkot Trip Plan by using the FIND -> My other Trips, routes and tracks -> select the Places routes and tracks from file. Then open your GPX Track file. The Track will show on the map and you can include it in an existing route path or use it to start a new Trip Plan.