Back to the Arctic - Tuktoyaktuk

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Too fast for conditions. What's too fast for conditions?
    Reminds me of a question I asked an engineer at a manufacturer we were using for equipment. I was a mechanic at a gas and electric utility and we had bucket trucks, diggers (for setting poles) and cranes. My question was "what's the definition of stability?"
    His reply "stability is the point just before it tips over, its stable until it isn't". And that's why they do a lot of testing and set limits, if you exceed those limits it can tip over.
    So … is too fast for conditions the point just before the crash?
    Conditions can change quickly and that's the problem. Its the long stretches of good road with a quick change that can get you. Example - Alaska Highway, nice paved road with beautiful scenery and then a sudden dip, pothole or frost heave. It can bottom out the suspension and throw you off the seat, if you are going fast enough it can through you off the bike. This dip might be your first warning, it might be your last. It happens.
    Roads can change from paved to deep gravel without notice and when it happens coming over a hill it can be very exciting :eekers. Happened to me on the Dalton Highway.
    Road conditions can change, weather can change and your equipment changes. You started with new tires and had no issues in the rain but now they are worn, conditions have changed. Fatigue? Reaction time?

    Do you ride for the current conditions or what the conditions might be? If you are riding solo I really recommend riding for what the conditions might be, easy to say but hard to do. Its a long ride from the start of the Alaska Highway to Deadhorse and/or Tuktoyaktuk and back.
    Was I riding to fast for conditions when I crashed on the Dempster Highway? I don't know but if I didn't fall asleep then yes. Too fast for the conditions at the time.

    You have to keep watching for potholes, dips, frost heaves and loose gravel. There can be pockets of loose gravel when they fill a pothole, your wheel will sink in it and it pull try to pull the bars out of your hands, happens quickly.
    Sometimes 10 mph is too fast for conditions.
    Slow will get you home. Easy to say, hard to do.
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    You know for sure you were riding "too fast for conditions" in that instant between loss of control and impact with the surface. The trick is predicting that instant . . .
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    Great report.
    I still have to get back up there to finish the last 92 miles to Tuk and splash in the Arctic Ocean. Still trying to decide between an older Guzzi or a DL650 for the trip. Nice to see your Wee worked out perfectly.
    The Dempster was the best ride of my far.