Baja Bound in November

Discussion in 'Americas' started by liv2day, Aug 28, 2018.

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    My wife and I are heading out in a couple of weeks, Copper canyon then up Baja. Looking at the E32 maps, are they worth it? How about the app? Since the atlas is out of print and crazy expensive!

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  2. liv2day

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    My $.02...the E32 is definitely worth it. The topo info is great for figuring out how to link things if you get off course. Thanks to the feedback in this thread, I was able to put 12 days of riding together, all using the tracks in the E32 map and GPS tracks from some of the guys here.

    Have a great trip!
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    I'll toss my 2 cents in here too..
    I use both E32 and City Navigator North America (which includes Mexico), and switch back and forth depending on if I'm off-road or on slab.
    E32 doesn't auto-route whereas CNNA does. CNNA comes in handy in bigger towns, and La Paz Baja comes to mind as it can be confusing navigating through it.
    E32 has a lot of map detail (which is great for off-road) and be a bit confusing when you just want a simple map to follow.