Balancing Tyres

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    Do you punctuate as well as you understand balance?

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    I love my static wheel balancer :-)
    Dont worry about the common cold, find a cure for stupid :lol3
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    The REAL difference between "static" and "dynamic" balancing and why "dynamic" is so important for true balance.

    "Static" balance occurs when an object (wheel) has no tendency to rotate due to gravity.

    What happens if the wheel is buckled I hear you ask? is still statically balanced so wont rotate due to gravity. But...

    Now we put the wheel on the "Dyanamic" balancer and lordy's shaking and vibrating. Why? Because it's centre of mass is no longer central.

    So this is the real reason there are so called "Static Balancers" and "Dynamic Balancers" and static in no way compares to the balance achievable by a dynamic balancer unless the wheel is perfectly true and symmetrical.

    But feel free to call them whatever you want. I'll just stick to what they've been called for years :kat
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    i use a van der graaf generator to power my static balancer
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    Hey @darren70
    Isn't that simular to the Flux Capacitor ?

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    Holy crap, this went to shit in record time.
    Some good advice about the actual question until it got body slammed by irrelevancies.
    So, from a professional point of view, using years of doing this shit for money and using the descriptions and parlance of the industry:
    A static balance is done on a basic jig that holds the wheel by either the axle (rare, but still around) or by placing the wheel on a spindle with tapers to lock it in place (more common). The wheel is given a gentle push to rotate then allowed to come to rest. It will obviously do so with the heaviest section at the bottom. Weight is applied to the lightest section of the wheel and it is gently rotated again. Add or subtract weight until it will stop rotating at any random point without rocking back more than a couple of degrees. You allow a couple of degrees for two reasons. First is possible bearing wear on either the wheel or the jig and second is because fuck it, it’s a couple of degrees what the hell is wrong with you.
    This method ONLY allows for a basic balance good enough for 95% of use up to and including most track work. It does not allow compensation for lateral movement.
    For that you go to a dynamic balancer. This will spin the wheel assembly up to a reasonably high rpm and test for lateral balance as well. You then apply weight as required to prevent both vertical and lateral movement if possible. This will require weight to distributed unevenly to each side of the wheels rotational center line to counteract lateral bad balance.
    This is great if your local shop has one, but it will not make much difference to you unless you’re either in the top 5% of riders in the country or you have a really badly out of lateral balance wheel. For everyone else static will be just fine as long as you take the time to do it properly.

    And to put the question of static and dynamic to bed before I have to fucking shoot myself it’s because the actual reading is done with the wheel stationary (static) or spinning (dynamic).

    My apologies to the OP.
    In answer to their original question, I personally balanced my wheel assembly without the tyre, but with everything else attached and tight. This gave me around 60g roughly opposite the rim lock which I balanced with clamp on balance balls.
    I then fitted the tyre and rebalanced with a 10g balance ball about 80% of the way out. Then I completely forgot about it and just shove the tyre on with the dot over the rim lock and ride the damn thing because it’s a DR and vibrates anyway.
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    To: Tomrux & Richarde1605


    Far Canal guys, please act like gentlemen, and at least, agree to disagree.

    You both appear to be engaging in a meaningless semantic argument about the meaning of one simple word. Surely, life is too short to be bothered with such trivial bullshit.

    When I used the term “Static Balancer” in the original post, it was meant to refer to a tool similar to the pic posted by a2zworks. I may well be wrong, but such a tool has always been known to me as a Static Balancer.

    Can we please move on?

    Lupine128, Thanks for your rational and well considered input.

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    “Rational and well considered”

    I suppose there’s a first time for everything.
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