Basket Case Bike - Should I do it?

Discussion in 'The Perfect Line and Other Riding Myths' started by jacktwitch, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. jacktwitch

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    Well I took too long and the bike (box) sold.

    I appreciate the advice. I am going to replace the fork seals on my YZ and then start looking for a running ish project. Im thinking of looking at the California market, finding a bike that doesnt pass emissions there ( emissions arent a thing in my county)
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    That's a good idea. 2-strokes that need some work and are only eligible for red sticker registration in CA (seasonal) don't bring high prices.

    On the other side of that; vintage 2-strokes that can be green stickered, or better yet have grandfathered street plates, cost an arm and a leg.
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