For sale Batman Beyond Limited Edition Maquette

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    The Batman Beyond Maquette was originally created as a reference model for animators working on the TV series. Inspired by the designs off animator / producer Bruce Timm, the Batman Beyond maquette was developed by DC Comics and sculpted by renowned artist James Shoop. This limited edition maquette was issued in 1999 exclusively through the Warner Bros. Studio Stores Gallery.

    This piece is number 465 of an edition of 2500.

    Price is $325 USD payable via friends and family or add 3% to cover PP fees. Item can also be collected in Blaine, WA or Surrey, BC.

    Maquette is approximately 12" tall and 11" wide.

    Maquette - Bagman Beyond 6.jpg

    Maquette - Bagman Beyond 5.jpg

    Maquette - Bagman Beyond 3.jpg

    Maquette - Bagman Beyond 8.jpg

    Maquette - Bagman Beyond 2.jpg

    Maquette - Bagman Beyond Certificate.jpg
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.