(Bay Area, CA) Doc Wong Moto Ergonomics & Optimal Riding Position Workshop-April 23!

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    Doc Wong Moto Ergonomics & Optimal Riding Position Workshop-April 23 Th night!


    I'm really excited about this workshop because of the wonderful feedback!

    Not only do you get the knowledge necessary to ride with more confidence and less pain, but I'll also personally coach you on your bike. This is an evening workshop and while we don't go out for a ride on this one, if you bring your bike, you'll get coached on it.

    When: Thursday, April 23, 2015! 6:30pm-8:30pm
    Place:* Full Motion Chiropractic
    Carlmont Shopping Center (Next to Baskin Robbins)
    1021 Alameda De Las Pulgas
    Belmont, CA 94002*
    (650) 365-7775

    How to register: just e-mail me at:*docwong@aol.com
    Cost: *$0.00

    This workshop is designed to help you make the necessary adjustments to your riding positons and to your bike to optimize your personal efficiency and comfort of riding your motorcycle in all conditions.

    To achieve this, I'll be covering different riding styles or positions
    on different bikes in differing conditions along with what needs to be changed to ergonomically fit your bike to you. Also, I'll cover the most common neck, back and wrist problems I see and what you can do to ride comfortably.

    Riding Positions will include optimal positions for street, sport,
    torquing, racing and dirt or dual sport riding. Which positions
    produce optimum performance and which get riders into trouble along with which causes the most pain and what to do about it.

    I'll demonstrate on a couple of very different bikes, a sport bike and an upright dual sport bike. That way I can demonstrate the range of riding positions and the range of ergonomic adjustments you can do to your bike. Find out how certain riding styles and poor bike setup can be hazardous and how to solve them. The end result is you being more comfortable on your bike with less fatigue and having more fun!

    The ergonomics part of this workshop will cover how to adjust your bike to your body and style of riding. The ergonomics of different bike types and body types will be addressed and participants will have a working knowledge of what do do with their bikes adjustments.Optimize your bike for your riding style. Adjusting levers, foot controls, handlebar bar placements

    I'll also cover exercises and stretches for you neck, back and wrists.

    After the talk and demonstrations, etc., we'll go outside where you'll get on your bike and I'll coach you on body position and make suggestions on the ergonomics of your motorcycle.

    Also, at the end of the talk I'll be asking you to*complete a short back pain survey,*but you are not obliged to complete it.

    Ride street, ride track, ride dirt, trials.....ride.....well!

    Doc Wong
    Chiropractor for Children and Adults
    1021 Alameda De Las Pulgas (In Carlmont Shopping Center next to Baskin Robbins)
    Belmont, CA 94002