(Bay Area) Doc Wong Braking Confidence & Skills Workshop! Th, July 9, 6:30PM

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    Doc Wong Braking Confidence & Skills Workshop! Th, July 9, 6:30PM



    I'm sure you're aware how to brake effectively is as important a skill as all of the other skills necessary for smooth, confident and safe riding. *I'm finding that a lot of riders can improve their skills in how and when to apply the brakes. *There is definitely a safety issue with the incorrect use of the brakes. *This causes either increased braking distances and at worst locking up the brakes prematurely, sliding out or crashing.


    It's one of those skills that a lot of riders don't think of until the SHTF. *In this very unique clinic I'll be covering key points and techniques that every rider should know such as: *

    Emergency Braking, Threshold Braking and Locking up the Front tire (how not to)
    Braking at the limits of traction: How best to avoid crashing
    Braking and Corner Entry Speed: How to Smoothly and Effectively Transition from one to the other
    Critical Dos and Don'ts regarding Braking
    Braking While In a Turn
    What Brake To Use: Front vas Rear brakes
    Engine Braking
    All About ABS
    Braking and Downshifting
    Downhill Braking


    Improving riding confidence comes with knowing, applying and practicing the basic skills of riding. *With improved knowledge and skill anyone can become a smoother and safer rider. *I hope to present this vital topic to you in a way that truly improves your understanding and ability to apply this while riding and braking. This is a non-riding workshop so bringing your motorcycle is not necessary.

    The Doc Wong Riding Clinics are now in it's 18 year with now over 40,000 riders having attended! *Is that cool or what? *Anyway welcome to this new clinic, I hope you find it helpful.

    Yours in great health, great riding and great fun!

    What: New Doc Wong Braking Confidence and Skills Clinic
    When: Thursday, July 9, 2015 - 6:30PM-8:30PM
    Where: Doc Wong's Full Motion Chiropractic office at 1021 Alameda de las Pulgas in Belmont
    Cost: $0.00
    How to signup: email me at: docwong@aol.com

    Also, at the end of the talk I'll be asking you to*complete a free back pain survey,*but you are not obliged to complete it.

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