(Bay Area) Special Doc Wong Workshop: Crash Scene-Life and Death Workshop, Fri 7/10

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    Special Doc Wong Workshop: Crash Scene-Life and Death Workshop, Fri Night July 10, 2015 6:30PM


    I lost a dear friend three years ago in a motorcycle accident and the information in this workshop may have saved his life. *Life can get pretty wild sometimes and just calling and waiting for emergency services to arrive may not be enough to save a life. *Come find out what you need to know, pro-actively, to help at the scene of a motorcycle crash and assist Emergency Medical Services. *Jill Jaehne will attend to share her experienced insights too.


    What: Special Doc Wong Workshop: Crash Scene Life and Death Workshop
    When: Friday Night July 10, 2015 6:30PM-8:00PM
    Where: Doc Wong’s Chiropractic Office
    * * * * * * *1021 Alameda De Las Pulgas
    ** * * * Belmont, CA 94002
    Cost: Free

    To sign up for this workshop, email me at docwong@aol.com.

    Special guest speaker, Paul Willett, a 20 year experienced Fire Fighter, Search and Rescue, Paramedic and motorcyclist has been at the scene of many accidents and has some vital information to share with you. *

    He’ll share with you how to manage or help at the scene of an accident that may make the difference between life and death! *Much of this is not mentioned in standard First Aid/CPR classes. *This is VITAL because when help does arrive, they can be vastly assisted by your interactions!!

    Paul will cover the vital topics of:

    --Who’s coming when you call 911? *What agencies and what are their roles. *What you need to know. *Who responds in what area?

    —How to manage or help at the scene of an accident. *What do you do before help arrives, how do you make the roadway safe and prevent secondary accidents? *When should you call 911? What do you say? *Who should call the shots before they come? *

    —First Aid considerations: Should you move the rider? *Remove his helmet? CPR, trauma, tourniquets and more. *

    —Communications: What to say to 911, police officers and Medics. *How to describe the crash and why this is important to medical staff.

    —Gear: what protection works best? *Medical history ID. *What should be in a motorcyclist’s First Aid pack.
    —Importance of speed of transport and what to do if something is wrong.*

    To sign up for this workshop, email me at docwong@aol.com.

    Also, at the end of the talk I'll be asking you to*complete a free back pain survey,*but you are not obliged to complete it.

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