Bay Area to ADVride WA

Discussion in 'Regional Forums' started by jschnitz, May 31, 2002.

  1. jschnitz

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    Sep 27, 2001
    Bay Area
    Hi All,

    I am really excited about this deal in WA as I have always wanted to visit that state as well as parts on the way there.

    I was going to be up in the bay area for July 4 weekend and was wondering if anyone would be interesed in leaving from there on Monday (July 8th). I would like to take the senic route all the way there hitting as many of the N. Parks. I have not planned this in detail so I am still very flexable.

    Let me know.
  2. CodeMonkee

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    Jul 26, 2001
    Well I am no longer down there so I can't ride up with you, but I can make some recommendations on routes:

    First, maybe take 128 out to Hwy 1, nice ride and scenic. Hwy one, especially if it is a nice day and not windy, up to Leggit (sp?) is a good ride, especially when H1 turns off the coast and goes inland. I really wish I hand't ridden it at the end of the day as this is twisty heaven and the pavement is almost brand new - the scenery was great and it was just one curve after another for miles and miles.

    Then go up 101 to Redway and try to find the Lost Coast. Here is a link that will help:

    But it isn't easy to find from either end of the area - it pretty much stays lost because it is easy to get lost trying to find it.

    H101 is okay north of Ferndale, with some of it nice, but some of it just okay. I prefer to come in Hwy 199 to Grants Pass as that is a great ride through the redwoods, go north on I-5 for a while as it is almost as good as 101, just warmer - but in July it may be pretty hot in S. Oregon so 101 might be preferable. I have just been up and down that particular area so many times it doesn't hold that much appeal to me when it is cold out there, which it usually is, even in the summer.

    From the Curtin or Drain exit of I-5, take the Territorial Hwy north to get around Eugene - a nice ride that roughly parallels I-5 in direction, but is much more fun. When the T. Hwy hits 99 take that north almost all the way to the N. Oregon border, then there are a nubmer of routes north, but the best one in my opinion is to cut east and go up one ofthe many routes around Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier. The Gifford Pinchot forest routes are especially good - one route is pretty much paved (the east road), the other is only partly paved and can get a little rough if you are riding a street bike. IIRC, they are routes 25 and 24, or is it 23?