BC Backroads Day Trip - Nelson to Kamloops

Discussion in 'Canada' started by motoindustries, Jul 19, 2013.

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    Jul 19, 2013
    Planning a short-notice dualsport from Nelson to Kamloops (450kms+) this Sunday, returning Tuesday.

    Here is the route:
    6 Mile Lks FSR to Lemon Ck (dirt)
    Lemon Ck to Slocan City (paved)
    Little Slocan/Koch Ck FSR to Fauquier Ferry (dirt)
    Hwy 6 to Vernon (paved, twisty!)
    Pinaus Lk FSR to Westwold (dirt)
    Hwy 97 to Barnhartvale turnoff then Kamloops (combo)

    Message me if anyone is interested in joining for either there or back.