BC Big Trailie Ride 2

Discussion in 'Canada' started by dr650bc, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. Goat-Boy

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    Aug 23, 2005
    Near a farm
    We made it back in one piece, no thanks to the crazy wind in Manning and downpour west of Hope. Thanks to Ross, Ray, and Stily1 for another great weekend and also fuck Ross and Ray for bailing on the goat trail.:D
    Go-Girl and I had a great time and we look forward to BCBT3.
    To everyone that showed up for the ride this weekend: We salute you :kat:fyyff

    P.S. Thanks to Manxmaam for putting on a great lunch.

    -GB & GG
  2. GalacticGS

    GalacticGS Motorcyclist Supporter

    Aug 27, 2006
    Lake Havasu, AZ
    I made it safely back to Edmonton and in time for the Roger Waters concert, which was simply awesome (Ross - you would have loved it, a lot of classic Floyd).

    The ride back was a little chilly, a few sprinkles (nothing like those heading west ran into), but almost ran into a bear that decided to climb out of the gully next to the road just in front of me. Thankfully, he noticed me in time and reversed direction quicker than I was reacting.

    It was great to meet you all, and kudos to Ross and Ray for organizing a fantastic ride. :clap :clap :clap

    And more thanks to Ross and his wife for the great lunch on Saturday!

    I'll post pics in the ride report once I get organized.

    Already looking forward to BCBTR3 (as I'm sure everyone is).
  3. dr650bc

    dr650bc Been here awhile

    Jul 10, 2002
    vancouver, bc, canada
  4. BC-Bruce

    BC-Bruce Curmudgeon wanna-be

    Aug 12, 2006
    West Kelowna, BC
    ... It just took this long for me to get on the computer.

    Thanks so much to Manxman, and DR650 for organizing this - what an excellent ride... (More on that later - maybe tomorrow.):clap

    A great big thank you for Manxwoman for getting together lunch for all 21 of us reprobates... Very kind, and extremely tasty! :clap

    A very special thank you to PacWestGS for all your riding tips. (and for riding herd on me!) :clap :clap

    I've done more concentrated riding, and on more different surfaces, and with so many people of different skill levels that I really feel that I have come away from this a more competent rider...

    What a great way to spend a few days - I met a lot of great people, I rode to a lot of different areas with amazing vistas I wouldn't have ordinarily seen, and I learned a hell of a lot... How can you beat that?

    And talk about riding in extreme weather conditions on the ride home... Those winds in Manning Park were something else... And that next-to-zero visibility downpour around Hope was the worst weather I have *ever* ridden in.

    Quite a few of my pictures turned out pretty good, and I'll work up a ride report around them (hopefully) tomorrow.

    All I can say is that you meet the best people on a motorcycle! (And that includes Goat-Boy too - Whowouldathunkit??? :lol3)

    A great big hello to everyone on this ride, thanks to all of you for making it such a great ride.

    I can't wait until next years!

    - BCB.

    "Love dirt - hate gravel!"
  5. Slug87

    Slug87 Adventurer

    Apr 25, 2005
    I was sceptical.
    I came,
    I saw,
    and now I believe.

    Thanks guys,
    Thanks a million for some treasure memories.

    More pixies to come. ( final count at 1047 photos from the time I left home)
    I am really disapointed in some, and pleasantly surprised in others as expected.


    Let's see if I got it right on the first try:
    Front row, left to right starting with farmerger in red jacket, Bario in blue, Dirty Curves, ManxMan, Sector, Go-Girl, BC-Bruce, Slug87.
    Second row left to right starting with DR650BC, PacWestGS, StandUp. GalacticGS, IslandR, canuck, Stily1, Goat-Boy, DogBreath, NoName Bob, SP2, DG K3 1000, and Cooler.

    And to wet your appetite ...


    ManXMan showing how to clean a bike.
  6. farmerger

    farmerger Snowed in Adventurer Supporter

    Feb 17, 2006
    Chase, BC
    Had a great time, fantastic riding and even better comraderie. Big thanks to Manxman and DR650 BC for organizing such a slick ride, well done! Big thanks too for Manxwoman and the awsome lunch. Hope Manxman made it back home with the tire patch OK.

    Got to thank PacWestGS for putting up with me as a roomy too; very much apppreciated, thanks.:thumb

    I was going great guns till I hit Westside road and my rear went flat. Did the the plug repair on the side of the road. Took a while to get it back to pressure with my little hand pump but it held fine for the rest of the trip home.:D(But to all you fellow motorcyclists that rode by me without even stopping to offer a hand :dizave)


    PS. Canuck - Westside road was a beautiful dance:clap, thanks!
  7. David_Moen

    David_Moen Long timer Supporter

    Apr 23, 2006
    Salmon Arm, B.C. Canada Eh!
    Hey Farmerger,

    We're going to have to get together for a ride! I'm in Salmon Arm, red GS just like you. Were you at the Yamaha dealership in Salmon Arm the week before last? I went by in my cage and saw a GS there without the load of touring equipment on it that usually adorns bikes on thier way through this area, so I thought it was a local bike. Westside road is a regular route of mine as well as many many others if you are looking for new roads to ride!
  8. farmerger

    farmerger Snowed in Adventurer Supporter

    Feb 17, 2006
    Chase, BC
    Yup, that was mine. I was coming back from an inspection in Sicamous and saw a WR outside and stopped to get its price. I'm always game for a ride, just need a little advance warning to get permission from the boss. Too bad you couldn't join us on the Big Trailie, it was great. DogBreath was talking about organizing a day or over night ride around the north side of the Shuswap...interested?
  9. Dirty Curves

    Dirty Curves Adventurer

    Feb 26, 2006
    PoCo, Canada
    Hi there All,
    While sitting in the hottub in Princeton, I saw the rain come down. :lurk
    A while later, the winds picked up and they were so strong thought my bike would get blown over in the parking lot :eek1...then the very loud thunder was a clapping...figured if this is what I had happening, what did the riders encounter on the way back home to Vancouver area?

    Slept in til 8:30am and for a moment thought you were all ready to go and I would be left behind...:cry

    The ride back entailed very strong winds to Manning Park, then rain coming down. Clear skies, sun but with very strong winds.

    Then I hit the cars with cell phone hazard...oh how I missed being in no man's land. I am now safe at home. Sat on my patio thinking of the past few days...thanks for the great memories everyone.

    Just wanted to thank Manxman & DR650 for the awesome adventure and the various terrains. How you planned the various weather patterns was also amazing...you da bike gods...

    Thank you also to Ross, Bev and family for the lunch and hospitality at their home...hope Bev wasn't too shocked at seeing us biker rogues pull in their driveway...

    It was great to see familiar faces from last year and meet new faces this year. Had a great time and really look forward to next year's ride.

    If anyone is riding in my neighbourhood and needs a place to stay, shower or a meal, let me know...you are most welcomed.

    Cannot wait to see the film footage from Stily 1 and the photos from Slug 87's 1047 picture collection...

    Oh, as I was pulling into my home, I finally hit the 5000km on my second bike...:drif:wings
    not bad considering my riding season was cut short last year due to my second ankle surgery...

    Dirty Curves
    aka Esther
  10. PacWestGS

    PacWestGS Life Is The Adventure!

    Aug 28, 2005
    A Worldly Traveller
    Smart decision to stay there, I wish I had.

    I'll take ten round trips up and down the goat trail to riding through that black wet (EDIT: 51-degree) hell again.

    I was dry, but my boots filled with water and my feet were wet all the way home (EDIT: I felt like a WW1 vet with trench foot too stupid to change my socks and put on the 'lectrics I had). Arai XD's suck in the rain. Awe heck - all helmets suck in that kind of downpour...:eek1

    Pleasure to meet both of you, hope Barry is doing well - days after his face plant, it's amazing how much speed you scrub off before finally hitting the dirt. :lol3

    I look forward to BCBTR3 :clap

    aka Russ

    BUMP to the aftermath of BCBTR2 Ride Report:

    Wow, 900 posts got to get out and ride more...
  11. IslandR

    IslandR Awkward Silence Producer

    Mar 7, 2005
    British Columbia
    Good times with good people. This may even tempt me to leave the island again.

    Who am I kidding I will be back, Beer and Bikes is what I do. :freaky

    Till BCBTR V3.o

    Islandr aka Brett
  12. DRRambler

    DRRambler AKA Albertastrom

    Jul 12, 2007
    Vancouver Island
    What a super trip! I'm just getting into this type of riding on a DL650.

    Any links to threads regarding what to bring, reccomended tires etc.?

    Sure would love to join the next trip!