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    Trip Planning is a great place to ask travel questions or share information you found useful in your own travels. Nearly all of the information in the Trip Planning forum will have to do with planning and preparing for adventure motorcycle trips or assisting others in doing the same.

    You will note that the forum is divided into four sections:

    Trip Planning (general) on the main Trip Planning page. This is the place to ask about or find information that is not particular to a specific region and is generic to all adventure motorcycle travel. For example, a topic relating to traveling as a diabetic would be appropriate here because it is common to all travel and not specific to a region. Threads that don't clearly align with a specific region, like questions about Iceland or shipping a bike between the US and Australia, would also be appropriate here.

    Americas is the place to post threads related to North, Central, and South America. For example, if you wanted to ride to Alaska , take a trip on the Trans-America Trail, or visit Mexico on your motorcycle, this would be the place to post and find information.

    EMEA is for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Same program.

    Asia Pacific covers the Asia and Australia regions.

    If you are seeking local information within one of those broad global regions, it is sometimes useful to go to Regionals in the Riding sub-forum and ask there. There is often a greater density of inmates with the information you need about a specific area in those forums.

    Keep in mind that there are many specialized forums on the site that focus on specific topics that can be relevant to ride planning but might be more appropriately addressed in their designated sub-forums where the bulk of the information and expertise is available. Some of these are: GPS, GPS Tracks, The Perfect Line, Racing, bike size and brand specific sub-forums under Bikes, Equipment, The Garage, and Vendors.

    Lastly, it is good practice to make good use of the "Search This Forum" function before starting a new thread. Very often the questions we might have are already asked and answered so we can get excellent information by simply reviewing what is already posted or by tacking additional questions onto an existing thread. Don't forget that the search is only relevant to the forum you are currently in so you may need to search in the sub-forums to find what you are looking for.

    As always, you must remember that the information you receive here may not be up to date or otherwise accurate. Much of what is posted is based on people's opinions making it difficult to know the quality of the information. Since planning for a trip can include measures taken for your personal safety, it is always best to seek information from the most current and reliable sources.

    Thanks for using and contributing to this valuable resource!
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