Belated LBL200 ride on my NX250

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    It seems every year for the last four years, as the LBL200 Dual Sport event comes around; a face plant accident, family matters or something job related has kept me from attending and participating in this epic event.

    Being able to clear my schedule about mid-morning, t
    his past Sunday, I resolved myself to ride my '89 NX250 Honda the 47 miles just to get to Piney Campround. I had hopes of meeting friends, somewhere along the route, and ride along with them to the finish.

    Riding my unproven (to me) little NX250, towards LBL, more than a dozen trucks with trailers, pulling dirty KTM's, DRZ400's, Kawasaki KLX's and a few Honda CRF230's, passed by me all going in the opposite direction. Even got to wave to my Knoxville, TN friends, only to go unnoticed. It was only 11:30 am, was it all over with?

    I turned off the highway to ride down towards the campground and found it nearly empty. I'm thinking "What to do"? My reply, "Find the red arrows and ride solo". I'm fortunate enough to only live 45 miles or so from LBL and I've ridden in 10 of the 24 or 25 years Jesse has hosted it. Finding the trail was easy.

    So off I plunder, following the red arrows, along the N/S trail from the South Welcome Station. The wonderful single track went on for miles and miles. My NX250 complained nary a bit. My knees, arms and leg muscles weren't so quiet.

    Coming out on a gravel road, I followed the knobby-sprayed gravel to the next arrow and followed the trail along several more miles. During my ride, I encountered 4 friendly people on horseback, resting on the side of the trail. I thought "Oops, I must be on Saturday's route. But, I kept on and before long four KTM's blew by me. Ktm's have always blown by me and my friends on dual sport events.

    In all, I managed about 23 miles of single track trail and 8 miles of gravel roads in the recreation area. It began to get a little dark in the forest, my knees were complaining, my butt was burning and I was getting hungry. The NX250 kept purring and seemed to take all this in stride.

    It was risky for me to ride my NX that far and then subject it to the singletrack. After all, I just purchased it last March. The bike had only 946 original miles, both original tires (probably original air), and few if any stress cracks or scratches in the oh-so-brittle plastic body panels. The previous owner had stored it in a climate controlled garage and kept both tires off the floor since '91.

    During the simmering HOT summer we've had, I added a new battery, handguards, Pro Grip 714 handgrips, claw-type footpegs, a replacement EMGO mirror, changed the oil and filter, purged the old fork oil (w/30 weight ND oil), brake fluid and coolant replacing them both with new fluids, made my own K&N type filter and installed a new 520 O-ring chain.

    I made it back home without incident or issue and I'm more pleased with the NX250 than I had imagined I would be. I had been considering selling it or trading up back to a DR350sex or DRZ400e, which I had owned and ridden in the past.

    I am posting this picture to show my Knoxville, TN friends and my new internet friend, DeBandi, from Alabama, that I did ride this years LBL200.


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    Sorry I missed you this year, ThunderDog.

    I had to be at the Nashville airport at 11:30 Sunday morning to get my brother on a plane.

    I love that bike. :thumb