Bellbrook (NSW.Aus) a weekend of exploring)

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    I've wanted to do the dirt between Bellbrook and the Waterfall way but the 1 metre of rain in the past weeks has messed up the roads (and bridges).
    The 80 kms up the Kempsey rd has always been difficult to keep open because the precipitous cliffs which with water added, produce hard to clear landslides. The road was open and with the fast dirt and great landscape was a good day out.
    Next day, I thought I'd do a reconnasance ride to Yarrowitch which is 100kms south east of Bellbrook (as crowflies) but is separated by 3300' ranges. I had to pick up a DR200 from there and wondered if i could get through the bush later, in a 2WD, rather than going the long way round through Armidale and Walcha and down the Oxley ( the lower half of the Oxley is currently blocked by huge landslips from Mt Seaview to Wauchope) which would be 500 kms.
    So the road across starts at Toorooka, and is OK but there's been a lot of broken stone dumped on the Carrai rd. Climbed up into Eucalypt forest and went up and down big time.
    Got to Kookaburra where there used to be a little school (wonder what you have to do wrong to get this posting) but it's been burnt out in the bushfires. Not much in the way of signs and I stuffed up 20 kms later and missed the turn onto Youlades trail. Because I stayed on Coachman rd, I was confronted with three creek crossings, one with a steep rock dropoff and the next was a creek that had been so scoured that someone had dropped big logs into the bed. Some guys in a Landcruiser helped lift the bike over.
    100 kms and it had taken me 5 hrs and I had missed Yarrowitch by miles. Going back over the creeks wasn't an option, so I went 40kms down Hastings Forest way and dropped down onto Robillards Plains. Going south to the Oxley wasn't an option because it was blocked.
    232 kms (total) later back at Bellbrook.
    Conclusions reached -
    1. Fix the speedo drive on the Sherpa so you can count the distance to your turns.
    2. Don't tell the gf you'll be back by lunchtime (Google said 4 1/2 hrs return - b'sheet.) and have her posting you as MIA at 3pm.
    3. Don't go in there alone. They'll never find you if you go off the track and breakdown
    4. You'd be lucky to do this ( apart from a bike) in anything but a serious 4WD.

    I'd planned to do the Nulla Nulla creek rd up to the Waterfall way on the Tuesday but by then it was pissing down so will have to come back to do that one.


    and if you don't live in Oz, this may help you


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