Best enduro bike for RMEC series

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What’s the best enduro bike for riding the Rockies?

  1. 450-500 4 stroke

  2. 350 4 stroke

  3. 250-350 2 banger

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  1. R1Pete

    R1Pete Adventurer

    Jun 15, 2014
    Absolutely delighted with all the replies guys, many thanks. As it is I think I’ll go with a 350 4 stroke of some description. From the small
    amount of personal experience I have with 2T and the replies here, I think the 2t might have the edge for capability but realistically it’s extra bandwidth will be outside of my talents anyway and 4 stroke i think will be an easier time to begin with. And I’m old and lazy now. :D

    Last week there was a Beta 350 at the dealer recommend above, which looked ideal. I’ve ridden with the these in the past and I know them to be excellent. My only reservation is that I have a Tundra in inferno (colour) which is a bright burnt orange and my OCD streak won’t allow me to put a red bike on an orange truck :lol3

    So now keeping an eye out for a KTM350 EXCF or similar.

    Thanks again all for the advice, I’ll update this thread once I get something bought and I’m keen to hear from anyone who rides regularly in CO, I’m in Erie but I’ll travel.
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  2. Pariahtize

    Pariahtize Misrepresented

    Jul 15, 2009
    Northern Front Range, CO
    ". . .my OCD streak won’t allow me to put a red bike on an orange truck :lol3"
    Holy shit is this what we're dealing with here?! Ha!
    Get over it brother. . .no one gives a shit but you. Besides, being all matchy is so 2017. . . in 2020 "contrast" will be all the rage!!

    Look, a 2-stroke will be easier for an older dude to control (lighter and excellent tractoring). So, for someone who may be "talent-compromised" and "fitness neglected', I believe a 300 (or 250) 2-stroke would benefit you.

    Good luck with your purchase!
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  3. RideFreak

    RideFreak Torque Junky

    Apr 17, 2009
    Out in the NM Dez somewhere
    it should be much better than that, I've seen it around 40mpg but that bike was setup a little too lean, 35 is achievable. Your power jet is turned out too far, I'd measure where it's at and lower it 1/8 of a turn. Repeat if necessary. Mine ended up a little over 1/2 turn out. You have to get somewhere you can rev it out to see the effect of a PJ adjustment but I suspect you won't feel any difference first round since it's obviously open a bit too far.
  4. Rossmoesis

    Rossmoesis Been here awhile Supporter

    Oct 12, 2013
    Grand Junction, CO
    Ridefreak. Thanks for the advice. I'll measaure the power jet and start adjusting accordingly for my next ride.

    It was crazy, the first ride I almost didn't make it back to the house with the lectron installed on a ride that I would always complete with my klein carb. I thought I was leaking gas somewhere but I can't find any leaks. The bike was running the best it's run in years. The top end is fresh and bike only has ~150hours.

    Again, thanks for the advice
  5. simple

    simple noob this

    Apr 22, 2009
    Arvada, CO
    HUSKY FX350 is the 4 stroke race bike of my choice. Handlebar mapping, air fork, 6spd, and traction control. 350 engine is awesome. Just needs guards and it is ready to race. Dealerships are blowing out bikes but 350 is hard to find.
  6. mylsmkj

    mylsmkj Long timer

    Aug 1, 2010
    Rocky Mountain High Colorado
    I love the 2 strokes and that's what I ride but if racing the RMEC was my thing I'd be on a 350 KTM/Husky or a 390 Beta. They're easier to go fast on and make up for mistakes better than a 2 stroke..... though the 300 is pretty good at making up for mistakes as well. You're looking at great bikes.