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    Nov 23, 2005
    Hi all, I am new to this GPS stuff and looking to buy.
    I am interested in a hand held unit that would be best suited for use in South America (mainly Brazil).
    I am leaning toward the Lowrance IFinder PHD at the moment but have a concern about the maps available for south of the border.
    Any thoughts?

    See; we do need a GPS forum!

    Thanks in advance;
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    Nov 2, 2003
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    Here is one source: Portal GPS.

    From what I know about this, which isn't evertything, you might consider sticking to Garmin. Most of the material I have seen about South America refers to Garmin maps and hardware. Also, Garmin supports licensing for third party developers to use their file format: MapSource Developers (although there is nothing for Brazil yet).

    Maybe you could try contacting these sources for a better opinion.
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    Jul 16, 2005
    I rode my BMW thru Brazil and the rest of North, Central and South America lat year. I used a Garmin E map unit with a 128 meg memory card and World Map for those areas loaded up on the card. That is all Garmin has for Central and South America. I was never really lost, confused sometimes yes. I had paper maps as well of course. If you buy the Footprints guide book it has fair maps in the back. You will be fine. I rode everywhere from the Pan AM to Bolivia to Tierra del Fuego and World map was all I really ever needed, after all you need some excitement, not just to follow a red carpet to Tierra del Fuego to piss in the Beagle Channel.

    In Brazil I rode from Iguazu Falls to Puerto Vehlo on roads with no Gringos. I was headed for Manaus north. The road stops there(the jungle reclaimed it) and I got on a wooden riverboat on the Rio Madeira. It was 3 days on the river to Manaus on a jungle boat like you see in movies, 100 Brazilians in hammocks, we all ate and lived together heading downstream for the Amazon. The hold was full of onions and the first deck tomatoes. I took my GPS to the steering house and the captain used it to navigate thru one night along with his searchlight. It was his first experience with GPS on the River.

    The E map is dirt cheap and available on ebay around $100. The big problem is powering it on the bike. I used a Touratech plug in that stepped down the voltage but they are no longer available to my knowledge.

    Figure out some way to support Garmin World map and hit the road. Buy maps as you go. There is a great road atlas of Brazilian roads available there. No problemo brothers and sisters.
    Bill in Tomahawk, WI.
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