Best passes over Cascade Mountains?

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    I am planning a spring trip from central Idaho to southern Oregon/northern CA to see the giant redwoods. My simple trip plan is to first travel west to Portland. Then down the Cascades, crossing several paved passes as I work my way south to Brookings. I have the Butler maps but I appreciate the advice of local experienced riders.

    Several years ago I took a similar trip with the objective of crossing the continental divide as many times as possible while traveling from Mexico to Canada. I crossed 38 times.

    I want to get to know the Cascades by doing the same type of ride.

    Thank you. Ride safe.
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    Road 60 between Highway 58 and Highway 138 is a fun ride.

    Hwy 58 runs from Eugene to Hwy 97 and Hwy 138 runs between Roseburg and Hwy 97.

    I've attached two images snipped from google maps because I can't upload the USFS maps in pdf.

    1. Open the Crescent Lake image and begin at the junction of Hwy 58 and 429. The road, and the entire trip, is on a road called NF-60.

    2. Follow Road 60/429 along the West side of Crescent Lake and then it turns East, then South.

    3. Open Diamond Lake image and see the junction where Hwy 138 becomes the red arrow. This is also NF-60.

    4. Go to google maps and zoom in on both locations and you should be able to easily find NF-60 and connect the two end points.

    From Crescent lake to the summit the road is soft volcanic silt/pummis. From the summit down to Hwy 138 the road is well maintained gravel.

    If you have time, check out some of the lakes along the way too. A guy could spend a week riding around in this area and not see everything.

    Have a great trip.

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    unless you have a specific reason to go to Portland,,,erase that part of your map!
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    Still bad ?

    thought things had calmed down ...