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    I have a 2012 MS 1200S. The stock headlights are actually pretty decent IMHO, but for night time blasts in the desert, I wanted more. A LOT more light. So, I went off on a quest to find some decent additional lighting.

    In desert racing (something I follow after racing 7S for a year), Rigid has made a decent name for themselves. Since I get a reasonable deal from one of their distributors, it was a logical choice to try. I opted for 2 sets of Rigid D2s, one spot and one beam. I was going to put one of each on both of my bikes (KTM 990 Adv and MS). I mounted them to the Ducati and was pretty impressed! They were bright and put down a LOT of light. However, after riding with this setup for a few months, I was still wanting more light. The Rigids do a good job of making light, but a very poor job of putting that light where it needs to be. They use more of a 'shotgun' style of lighting... just toss a lot of light out and hope it goes where you want it! Not very comforting to ride behind 'at speed' ('speed' being the operative word... not saying how fast, but the desert is a big place and there isn't much traffic around to hinder forward progress!). I contacted rigid with the hope of a different product a few times and was basically met with that stupid 'duh' sound you get when talking to someone that not only doesn't get what you're talking about, but isn't really interested in helping you. So, the search continued.

    I tried a set of KC LEDs with exactly the same results. As a side note, the Rigids construction are better than the KCs.

    Reading here and there, I found a company called Clearwater lights. Everyone that had written about them said 'Wow, amazing" etc. However, they are EXPENSIVE! I dismissed this option as a bit too pricey, just for some additional light. Fast forward a year or so and numerous more posts by people claiming that they are amazing lights, etc. I was on a multi state, multi day ride and just happened to be passing through Rancho Cordova. Recalling that's where they're located, I thought I'd stop by. I met Glen and he welcomed me to his showroom/office. To me, it looked like a busy, functional office with a few examples of product around, of which Glen was happy to show me. I was familiar with the usual suspects, the Erica series, Darla series, etc but one light stood out as something different... the Sevina:eek: I asked Glen about them and he casually commented that they were a new design for the iron butt guys riding BMWs and that they probably put out too much light for what I did. Duh.. he said the magic words! I put a set on order right then and there! After sliding my now smoldering visa card back into my wallet and departing his shop, I had a bit of buyers remorse. Spending more than $1000 on a set of lights seemed stupid and asinine to me. I thought about cancelling. I worried what my friends my think of me for spending so much money on just a set of lights. I felt stupid!

    Then.. I received, unboxed and my buddy Jeff did the install, hooking them up to the included volume knob (dimmer switch) when on low beams, full bright when enabling high beams and flashing when hitting the horn. Turning them on inside my shop was a bit blinding, not at all unlike when I mounted the rigids the first time. I thought 'meh.. they just toss light. We shall see when I go ride'.

    I was very happy after my first ride.... Where the rigids would light about the same distance as the stock headlights, I could still see the brownish color of my stock headlights in the rigids wash, the Sevinas completely destroyed any light being produced by the stock lights. Better yet, they went far... very far. A certain road that I ride often has a valley. Coming around a corner at the top of the valley, the opposite side of the valley is about 2.5 miles away. Obviously with the stock headlights you can't see the other side. The rigids would slightly illuminate the reflective road markings on the other side. The Sevinas... I could see the contours of the surrounding desert and road on the other side of the valley with such clarity that I could tell the differences in color of the sage brush! Absolutely amazing. I was now unable to outride my headlights and I no longer had any sort of buyers remorse. Best $1000 I've spent on my bike! I highly suggest looking into them if you're wanting more light. Don't fall over from sticker shock... you get what you pay for!

    Here is a picture and a video... enjoy.


    Clearwater Sevina lights
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